Pedego Huntington Beach—Electric-Powered Fun

Pedego Huntington Beach—Electric-Powered Fun

In the heart of town and just a few blocks from the beach, Pedego Huntington Beach is easy to find.

Pedego E-bikes are all about the fun.   Sure, they offer all the other benefits of electric-assist bikes—health, savings, freedom and green, but fun is number one on the list.   And I know this first hand since I’ve been riding and testing Pedego E-bikes for some time now.   You may have read my recent article on being part of a great Pedego catalog photo shoot in Coronado this summer.   I was there to try out the newly released Pedego City Commuter, but luckily, got pulled into the good times of the day.

That day drew me closer to the Pedego family and I couldn’t be enjoying it more.   At Interbike I met many of the west coast dealers and was surprised to see my photo (and an excerpt from that article) in the center-spread of their colorful and informative new catalog.    Yes I am still fully independent, but being drawn in to the fold of this fun and quality-driven company has been almost as enjoyable as riding their E-bikes.

Ever try a tandem E-bike? You can here.

In this spirit, I have taken it upon myself to visit every one of their west coast Pedego shops.   So far I can mark off Pedego Coronado, Pedego Friday Harbor and now, Pedego Huntington Beach.   Coming up will be Corona del Mar and the soon to be opened Long Beach.   I have also been to many bike shops that offer Pedego E-bikes, including Pacific Beach’s Surf Monkey (they brought Pedego E-cruisers to my E-bike seminar this year).   This article centers around Barbara’s and my visit to the shop in Huntington Beach.

On the last leg of a awesome California biking vacation, we pulled into the lot of Pedego Huntington Beach.   Greeted with a hearty “Hey, Turbos here”, Tom and Chris seemed so happy to see us.   I have found that same pleasant, warm feeling with every member of this E-bike company and today was no different.   I had gotten a chance to meet Tom at Interbike during a Pedego dealer dinner and it was nice to see him again.

Tom showed us around his well-stocked and decorated shop.   He had the whole line of Pedegos on the floor for sales, demos and rentals.   Even though Chris was busy with shop business and customers, we got a chance to talk E-bikes with him too.   We were both impressed with the great location, layout and the service area.   They are prepared to handle every customer’s needs and it showed.

With two great E-bikes to ride, we had so much fun cruising the beach.

Barbara and I were invited to pick out a couple E-cruisers for a bike tour of the city and beaches.   Hers was baby blue step-through model with a basket.   Mine was a bright white standard frame E-bike.   With a  couple quick adjustments to the seat heights, we were on our way.   Having spent much of my childhood riding to and around Huntington Beach, surfing the waves and cruising the Coast Highway, I felt right at home.

First we headed to the beach to find a very nicely done bike and pedestrian path that winds along the water for miles and miles.   I am sure its been there for years, but it was all new to me.   We rode north, past Dog Beach and onto Sunset Beach.   With expanses of sand and surf to lead our way, we were so happy to soak it all in and enjoy the relaxing feeling of E-bike riding on the coast.   Whenever the urge hit, we stopped for a while and let the sun do its magic.

The camera just doesn’t show the bright fun day we enjoyed.

After a time we made the turn to head south.   Having the E-assist on the bikes added to the fun immensely.   We don’t mind pedaling, as we love our regular bikes.   Still, on a fun vacation oriented day at the beach, using the available power was a game changer.   Floating along, sight-seeing at low-speeds, is a joy that makes a day like this so much better.   The path was nearly vacant, as the tourist crowds were mostly gone (this was a weekday in late September) and most of the locals were either working or surfing.

Posing in front of some beautiful mosaic work by the pier, I was ready to hop back on for some more sight-seeing.

Soon we were back at the pier.   We loved seeing the local public art that Huntington Beach has in so many places.   There was more activity at the pier, so a little people watching added to the fun.   We waved at other bike riders on the path, even stopping to talk every now and then.   As always, talk of the electric bikes was hard to avoid.   I am sure the Pedego shop there will have many new patrons after seeing and admiring the two E-bikes we were riding.

Before we made it too far, it was time to head to town for some eats.   Seeing the town area along Main Street jogged many great memories for me.   As much as things have changed since my days there, many things are the same.   The Chuck Dent surf shop now has a surf museum included.   The picture house where I saw many Rock and Roll and surf movies is still there.   Plus there was so much more to see.   Just riding around the town and bypassing the beach would have made for the best of days.

We rolled into a little taco shop that Tom had recommend for lunch.   So Cal tacos can’t be beat, so you know we ate well.   We still had plenty of juice left in our batteries for more riding, but it was time to start heading home.   Dropping off the bikes and saying our goodbyes was no fun, but the good times we had on the two E-bikes will last a lifetime.   I constantly am telling people how great it is to experience an electric bike, and I hope this will convince you.   You just have got to give one a go.

Thanks Tom and Chris, you guys are the best, Turbo Bob.

“When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking.”—Arthur Conan Doyle, in an 1896 article for the Scientific American.

This will take you straight to Pedego Huntington Beach’s website

Or to their Facebook page!/pedegohb?fref=ts

The link to Pedego’s website—you can see me in their catalog here

To see a video I posted on Pedego Huntington Beach, follow this link–04I&feature=plcp

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  1. I spend a lot of time on the beach with my dad and walking the board walk. I am going to come check these bikes out. Could be fun to have a couple of those to cruise the coastline on. Instead of just walking a mile or 2 we can go all the way to newport and back.

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