A2B Velociti 24—A Commuter’s Dream

A2B Velociti 24—A Commuter’s Dream

With fantastic places to ride, the A2B Velociti 24 was soaking it in just like me.

While I was riding over to San Diego Fly Rides to try out this A2B E-bike, I was expecting something completely different from what I found.   Most of the Ultra Motor’s bikes I’ve seen were the Metro, a much bigger looking, almost scooter type E-bike.   This Velociti was a welcome treat to ride and explore the bay area on a cool summer day.

Unlike the Metro (with 20 inch tires, rear suspension and weighing 80 lbs) , the Velociti 24 is much sleeker and I bet a lot more agile.   The 24 inch tires have a large cross-section and soak-up the rough roads with gusto.   At a weight much more like most E-bikes, it has the moves I expect from a quality bike.   The riding position is up-right and comfortable.   Although it looks a little beefier than what I would consider a regular E-bike, you couldn’t tell the difference during the ride.

This is a throttle-only controlled bike with a 450 watt brushless rear hub motor.   Needless to say, it offered plenty of power and climbing ability.   The feel is smooth and even though you could tell when the motor was doing its job, it was very quiet at all times.   The controls are simple and anyone can master them quickly and with confidence.   The bike part of the ride was easy and adding the power spiced things up a bit.

It comes with some items that I think of as necessities.   Things like fenders, chain guard and a kickstand.   Add in a built-in front and rear lighting system with a auto-sensor.   I tried to put the lights on for my day-time ride with no luck, but there must be a way.   All of the little pieces looked well installed and high-quality.   The aluminum frame appears to be well designed and able to handle the worst of treatment.

With a look all its own, the A2B Velociti 24 has a lot going for it.

Speaking of the frame, it has a very modernistic look that normally I wouldn’t like.   Even still, the angles and sizes of the tubing cast a pleasant glow that I think I could embrace over time.   One thing is for sure on this E-bike, it won’t be mistaken for any other bike on the market.   It is very distinctive in its style and appearance.   It can be had in five different colors.   Mine was black, I think white would be my choice, but never rule out a cool red color when shopping for a new E-bike.

The style extends to the battery and mounting.   Very sleek looking to be sure, the bike I rode had a full metal cage rack surrounding the battery, while the one on their website doesn’t.   So I’m not sure how well the rack can be utilized.   Not to worry, as they offer bags and a basket that are designed to fit.   The battery is a Sanyo lithium ion sporting 36 volts.   Like most E-bikes, it is removable to facilitate off-the-bike battery charging.   The capacity should be sufficient for most any commuter or fun ride you have in mind.

The seven-speed drive train worked well and allowed for easy non-powered riding.   Shifting through the gears was a natural feeling with no bad feed-back from the bike.   That is the easiest way to extend your battery range, pedaling when you can and saving the power for when you need it.   Like any E-bike, it is up to you to decide how and when to use your power during a ride.   This is something that becomes second nature the longer you own and ride your electric-assist bike.

A strong motor and powerful brakes are just two of this E-bike’s great features.

The braking system on the A2B Velociti was not over-looked.   Big strong disc brakes are on hand for a quick stop anytime you need.   More and more E-bikes are moving to quality disc brakes to increase the confidence of their riders.   When in heavy traffic or taking long grades, a big set of these pizza cutters can keep your smile wide during a long ride.   Not only powerful, they are very controllable at all times.

Back to those large cross-section tires.   Combined with a fairly plush front suspension, they add up to a smoother ride than many E-bikes.   I was duly impressed on some of the rough roads that seem to be more common nowadays.   The saddle is kind of narrow, but I never had one bad word to say about it during my time on-board.   The seating position, saddle and ride should allow you to make any ride in comfort and style.

I had a great time cruising the Velociti through downtown, in the foothills and along the waterway.   It was fun and interesting to get a feel for this E-bike.   Although the ride was quite long with many stops along the way, the bike and I were still ready for more as I handed this gem back to Ike over at Fly Rides.   Like my other local E-bike dealers, he is always willing to support my bike blog and the local E-bike community.   San Diego is truly an E-bike Mecca.

Ultra Motors was recently bought out by HeroEco.   Not that un-common in today’s E-bike world, the cash infusion can only be a good thing.   Also in their line-up are the Fast4ward models.   Nate Smith, HeroEco’s local sales rep brought a full fleet of their E-bikes to my recent E-bike seminar and the attendees really seemed to enjoy riding them all.   I didn’t get a chance that night to test out the Fast4ward E-bikes on hand, I hope I do soon.   The Fast4ward E-bikes have a more conventional appearance and a folding model is available too.

No E-bike?   Time to jump on board.   Turbo.

“It is no longer a beast of steel…no…it is a friend.   Destiny has accorded man this new friend…It is a faithful and powerful ally against one’s worst enemies.   It is stronger than anxiety, stronger than sadness.   It has all the power of hope.”—Maurice Leblanc, Wings to Fly.

Check out the A2B Velociti 24 right here.


San Diego Fly Rides.


Here is a video I did of the bike and me riding it.



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4 Responses to A2B Velociti 24—A Commuter’s Dream

  1. Great review Bob! This bike is on my radar screen as a potential, eventual replacement for Pee Wee!

  2. Rich Demers says:

    I agree with most of this article except for the brakes. In a word, they suck! They squeak and squeal most of the time and I am forever having to adjust them. My bikeshop recommends replacing them with larger roters. I’d sure like to know if anyone has any better ideas. Is there any way to put self-adjusting hydraulic brakes on this E-bike?

    • Rich, thanks for the info.
      Some fine adjustments and tricks can (almost) always stop the squeaking. (Maybe I should do an article on that). As far as adjusting the cable slack as the pads wear, that shouldn’t be too big of a deal. I can relate, though.
      An upgrade to larger rotors or hydraulically actuated calipers, it is fully possible. The main problem is the way the handles mount on the handlebars. They can interfere with the shifters, throttle and other controls related to the control system. I will try to take a close look at that, next time I ride a Velociti to see what I think about it.
      Believe it or not, I spent the afternoon with the west coast sales rep that handles these E-bikes. Had I seen your comment earlier, I could have looked at the Velociti in his van.
      I do think you can make do with the installed brakes with a little TLC. If I had 20 minutes with your bike, I think you would like them (the brakes) much better.
      Other than the brakes, it sounds like it has been treating you well. Good deal.

  3. Polly says:

    Hi there this is such an excellent post! Thanks so so much for the A2B mention from A2B shop.uk! We love to see our riders loving their A2B bikes and what a beautiful setting too.

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