eMotion NEO E-Bikes—First Look

eMotion NEO E-bikes—First look.

Javier, David and Steve stand behing their eMotion NEO Cross, a great riding E-bike they are introducing to the USA.

E-bikes and Facebook make for a good combination.   I get so much information on new products there.   I also have met many people that ride, sell and build E-bikes through my Facebook connections.   Such was the case as I spent yesterday getting acquainted with a trio from eMotion bikes and their NEO line of E-bikes soon to hit the shores of North America.

A message came through from David, a person I had never met, but had friended because of his previous ties to a company that makes E-bikes I have rated highly.   His passion for quality E-bikes has brought him to eMotion bikes, built by the BH bike company.   Although I personally am not that familiar with this nearly 100 year-old Spanish bike firm, some investigation has clued me into their history of racing and recreational bikes that are much desired world-wide.

In 2006, they introduced their first line of electric-assist bikes, and have worked hard since to make them better than any competitor on the horizon.   I rode the NEO Cross model and found that they have hit their mark well.   With the first three models due on showroom floors by mid July, they will have a total of eleven E-bike models here by the end of the year.

These bikes might be new to us, but they are tried and true in Spain and many parts of the world.   The NEO line-up consists of the Xtrem (mountain bike style), the Cross, and the City.   They all share the same 350 watt rear hub brushless motor.   They have speced the best lithium battery money can buy and intergraded it into the lines of the frame for a great look.   With intelligent pedelec controlling the motor, you are assured of a smooth feeling assist and good battery efficiency

The Xtrem and the Cross come with some awesome hydraulic disc brakes front and rear.   All three sport a very nice adjustable front fork.   The aluminum frame seems to cushion the ride nicely while helping to keep the total weight just under the 50 Lbs. mark.   Knock four pounds off that for the Xtrem model.   Of course the Xtrem and the Cross have slightly different frame geometry, they also have the appropriate wheel and tire sizes to match, 26 on the Xtrem and 700c on the Cross.

Riding the Cross felt great.   Very light and nimble, it offered good balance during my (too short) testing session.   The cockpit seemed tuned to my body and the controls were close and easy to manipulate.   Having three chain rings up front gave a wide range of gears for every situation.   The power assist came on smooth and strong, due to the intelligent assist system.   The display unit is easy to understand, control and offered the needed info with easy to see digits and markers.   Power regeneration is also included, a feature that many ask me about every time E-bikes are discussed.

These bikes are touted to give a fantastic range from the available power (just under 10 Ah).   Having ridden many bikes with a drop-out mounted load sensor to control the motor, I have to believe the range will be as good as claimed (25-60 miles).   Like any E-bike, this all depends on your terrain, total weight of the bike, rider, and cargo, and the assist power level you use.   Although no promises were made, I am fully expecting to have at least a week with a eMotion NEO City when it is available.

This photo of the eMotion NEO City was taken from their website. I hope to do an extended test of this gem when the time is right.

I do believe the NEO City model will be the most popular in my area.   At the same price point, it takes on some features I like and gives up the three-gear front chain ring and disc brakes.   With a low-frame and a wider cushy saddle, it also has more than sufficient V-brakes for the stopping chores.   A rack and chain guard are on-board, along with the front-hub generator that powers the built-in lighting system.   I think this bike will be a winner for the everyday needs of so many.

For now, all these bikes are full pedelecs (European style).   With the intelligent assist, this is no drawback.   Seeing that in America dual-control systems (an added hand throttle) are allowed and wanted by many, eMotion will add that feature to their E-bikes soon.   They (dual-control systems) can tend to allow you to shorten your range by using more power than you really need.   But still, they do have their purpose on E-bikes so expect to see the NEO line with them soon.

The eMotion E-bikes (you might see them mentioned as Easy Motion) have all the features as a Swiss E-bike I have tested and rated well.   I haven’t tried their recently released premium model, but the eMotion seems to ride nicer, has close to the same specs, and knocks a really big chuck off the purchase price.   Plus better factory (delivery and technical) support is promised.

One more thing that helps to set this line of electric bikes apart from others is their long history of making bikes.   The quality of the actual bike is a given.   Each of their electric-assist bikes are built from the ground up as E-bikes.    Months and years of testing and redesign are invested before they make it to the public’s front door.   These are reasons alone to trust eMotion to supply you a bike that can stand the test of time, all the while keeping you smiling while you ride.

So back to the beginning of the story.   David, Steve and Javier came to San Diego to make the local sales rounds to my favorite E-bike shops.   They stopped by my house first, where we talked and rode E-bikes.   I rode the NEO Cross, and they had a chance to try some of the bikes I own or are doing tests on.   Then, they took me along on their sales calls where the bike was received quite well.

We had a tasty sea-side lunch of clam chowder and fish tacos, all the while getting to know each other better.   Me, I had the best of times finding out about eMotion bikes, they seemed to enjoy the sights and success of their journey to my border town.   From what I heard (I tried to not interfere with the business at hand), you will be seeing eMotion NEO E-bikes in San Diego shops before a month goes by.   I want to thank David, Steve and Javier for a fun day and for letting me be part of the NEO E-bikes introduction to the USA.
eMotion NEO E-bikes—Check them out, Turbo Bob.

“It was a fact I’ve always wanted a bike.   Speed gave me a thrill.”—Alan Sillitoe, The Bike.

Here is a link to the eMotion website.


Here is some info on the BN bike company.



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