Richen Warrior 26—E-bike Review (X2)

The clean lines and modern features of this Richen Warrior 26 make it even more fun to ride.

Richen Warrior 26—E-bike Review (X2).

Today’s storyline is this Chinese made Richen Warrior 26.   The bright color combo and style of this E-bike really catch the eye of many people when I am out riding it.   The full suspension and disc brakes show-off the advanced level that inexpensive electric bikes have reached in recent years.   The fact that it folds adds just one more dimension of convenience you can expect if you decide this is the E-bike for you.

Aided by the power of a 250 watt rear hub motor, this Warrior makes everyday rides easier and more fun.   It is almost completely silent as the motor powers up automatically.   It has a type of dual-control that lets the motor work while pedaling, or on its own.   The cruise control allows you to set a motor speed that is comfortable for any type of ride attitude.   The control system took a little time to come accustomed to it, but works just as designed.

The full suspension is one of my favorite features.   The spring rate is adjustable front and rear so any weight rider should be able to find the setting that works just right for them.   I have been fully enjoying the way it smoothes out the bumps and ruts in the road.   It is one of those things that might spoil me towards other bikes.   Fairly solid and secure, I can’t get enough of the way this bike rides on the road.

The disc brakes work well.   There are a couple things about them that bother me a little, but at the price point this E-bike hovers at, some minor up-grades will be easy.   The rotors have a shark-tooth look to them that is cool, but tends to add some noise as they work their way through the calipers.   As much as the rotors have that ’Warrior’ look to them, I may opt for some fully round ones in the future.

The mountain bike tires have a white stripe molded into them that matches the color scheme of the bike.   I have considered some low-buck road slicks, but so far they have worked well and offer a smooth and comfortable ride.   I will be installing a pair of thorn-resistant tubes, so I will make the decision on the tire swap at that time.   In addition to the tubes, I will add some Slime tire goop for that little extra piece of mind on the longer rides.

The battery and ECU mounting is clean and smart.   10 Ah of power and 36 volts does the job nicely.   A key lock holds the battery in place and the ECU is hidden from view with a plastic cover.   The cover also hides the extra wires for a clean look.   The battery has charge indicator light built-in and a carry handle for when it is off the bike.   I did add a lanyard to the key so when I ride with the power system off, the key won’t get lost if it pops out.

I have a new high-rise stem and set of handlebars that will help adapt this E-bike to my riding style.   They will be easy to install on the ahead set steerer tube and will allow me to sit more up-right.   The cables and wires seem to have plenty of extra length to make the change over a breeze.   I did install a longer seat post (400mm) for my tall frame, but have been enjoying the Vader saddle this bike came with.   A seat post mounted rear rack and bright blinking light round out the minor changes I made to this part of the Warrior.

This matching pair of Warriors (26 & 20) have proven to be a great way to get around town.

This electric bike is the matching pair to the Richen Warrior 20 I reported on last month.   My wife and I have taken them on many group and fun rides since we got them.   The two Warriors are speced very similarly and you can read that article for more info on these bikes and their control systems.   They both fold, have full suspension, disc brakes and ultra quiet rear hub motors.   They tend to draw a lot of attention, not just for their looks, but for their features as well.

The Henan Bangjie company in China that makes these E-bikes sent them to me to help them find some U.S. distributors, and to evaluate these bikes to make sure they meet the needs of their customers.   I have given them valuable feed-back on both Warriors that should ensure they can offer a quality E-bike that anyone would be happy and proud to ride.   Check the link at the end of this article for contact info and to see the 16 or so other E-bikes they offer.   If you were standing at their factory door, the going rate is quite low, but I do imagine by the time they get to your dealer’s showroom, it will be a little higher.   Still, I think they will be much less that other E-bikes you  might be considering.

By the end of the year, I will also be testing their McFly folding E-bike.   I will pick this E-bike up at the InterBike dealer show in September.   This snazzy red folding E-bike comes with fenders and by the looks of it, it could be their biggest seller.   So for the holidays, Barbara and I will be riding a pair of Richens in red and green.   It should make for some great riding in the month of December.   I can’t wait.

So I have been riding my Richen Warrior 26 for a lot of road miles in the last so many weeks. I am smiling each time I put in the key and power down the road. The feel and ride quality have really got me going. The looks and features continue to keep me in the saddle. Even little things like the kickstand show-off the thought put into this electric folding bike. Why do I point out the kickstand? It works well and because of its design, you can maneuver they bike backwards without the pedals locking against it and causing you grief. It is just one more reason to like the total package this bike presents. I am sure you will see plenty more photos and stories of this Warrior as the months go by.

Richen Warrior 26 and 20, our rides into the future, Turbo Bob.

“You not bike rider, you nobody.”—Eddie B.

Henan Bangjie Company


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  1. Great review Bob. And I’m honored to have made a few rides with you and Barbara showing off your cool Richens.

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