IZIP 2012 E3 Zuma—Currie Technologies Got it Right on this E-bike

This good looking and riding E-bike has been great fun.

IZIP 2012 E3 Zuma—Currie Technologies Got it Right on this E-bike.

Recently introduced to the E-bike world, the IZIP Zuma showed the way with great power and style.   I got a chance to ride one on a warm fall afternoon last year and was impressed with the feel and features.   It debuted with a powerful 500 watt rear hub motor that could really move out.   Well speced and fun to ride, this year’s model has been up-dated in many ways.

After almost two months with this electric-assist bike, I have come to know it very well.   If the need for power and speed are on your list for an E-bike, the E3 Zuma will not disappoint.   All this power comes with a good dose of efficiency too.   With its large lithium battery, you can get great range if you use the power wisely.   I have taken many long satisfying rides on this gem.

Basically styled like a beach cruiser, it has many features that bring it back towards a comfort bike.   A nice up-right seating position and some re-designed narrower handlebars are included in that direction.   The plush saddle and oversized tires fit in with the look.   A stand-out paint job helps to finish the style of this E-bike.   The men’s version comes in silver with red rims.

To complement the smooth, high-power of the bike, are the very strong disc brakes.   They too have been up-dated for this year’s model and they do their job all too well.   With a solid feel and massive stopping power, they work as good as they look.   Other up-dates are the re-designed power control system and front-end.   The move away from the front suspension fork and to a Ahead system fork mounting have helped tame this powerful beast.

The control system has had a lot of thought put into it.   The pedelec mode (PAS) is easy to use and offers just the right amount of assist for comfortable riding.   Plus, the twist throttle can be used in conjunction with the pedelec mode or all by itself.   I am a big fan of dual-control E-bikes and this E-bike works in a safe and controllable way.   Each brake lever has a motor safety cut-out switch, something that I like to see too.

The Shimano Acera seven-speed drivetrain is operated with a left-hand mounted twist-shifter.   On a bike like this, you don’t feel the need to shift that much for every-day riding.   Still, if you are riding fairly hard, you can go through the gears quite easily.   It also offers a super-low first gear that can help you make it up some really steep hills.   With the amount of push you get from that 500 watt motor, you rarely need to use low gear, but it’s there if you need it.

The bike I have been riding is the low-frame version.   It is well gusseted and seems very rigid.   The rack that holds the battery is very large and is welded to the frame to add to the solid feel.   The rack also has hold-down tabs added and can be used to carry a lot of cargo.   A chain guard and built-in kickstand are two more features I like.

I opted for the low-frame bike so my wife could easily ride this bike.   Plus, when I am testing an E-bike, I like to be able to let as many people try it out as possible.   This bike is close to being big enough for my 6’2” frame, but if I were choosing an E3 Zuma for myself, it would be the larger men’s version.   Even still, I have been very comfortable on this bike and have had a chance to ride it all over.   Once again, when this test is done, it will be hard to let go of this IZIP E3 Zuma.   It is one nice E-bike.

On the opening day of the new Ed Gotch Memorial Bike and Pedestrian Bridge, I must of ridden the E3 Zuma over 35 miles.

You may have noticed from the pictures the cool over-sized tires on this E-bike.   They have a wide air pressure range, so you can lower the pressure to 30 lbs. for a smoother ride, or pump them up all the way to 80 lbs. for some speed riding.   I found that about 50 lbs. was a good compromise and have done most of my riding at that setting.   The tubes are factory Slimed to add some flat protection.   These are some quality pieces on a quality E-bike.

You can try out this or any Currie Technologies E-bike at one of over 400 bike dealers.   I picked mine up at San Diego Fly Rides.   They offer great E-bike tours at many of the local areas and use this bike for their charges.   They have gotten great feed-back on this bike and their tours.   In fact, they will be using this very bike in their tours when I am done with it.   The ride and quality of the E3 Zuma have treated them well.

The next Currie Technologies E-bike I will test is the top-of-the-line Express.   If you have read anything about that bike, you will know why I am excited.   I will get a chance to do long term tests on every E-bike in their line-up.   My wife and I have had our eZip E-bikes for over four years and have been very happy with them as the miles go by.   I have a complete multi-part story about them here on my bike blog.   You have read them, haven’t you?

You may have noticed too, that I have been writing articles about this E3 Zuma on the Currie Technologies bike blog site.   You can find a link to all of them by looking in the category ‘My blogs on other sites’.   As I test each E-bike they offer, I will up-date those links.   There is also a story on San Diego Fly rides here and on their (Currie‘s) site.   San Diego Fly Rides (Ike and Megan) have treated me well and have invited me on another E-bike tour.   They (Ike and Megan and the tours) are great fun.

So, follow these links and see all that Currie Technologies has to offer, Turbo.

“Dear bicycle, I shall not call you bike, you were green, like so many of your generation, I don’t know why.   It is a pleasure to meet it again.   To describe it at length would be a pleasure.   It had a little red horn instead of the bell fashionable in your days.   To blow this horn was for me a real pleasure, almost a vice.”—Samuel Beckett, Molloy.

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