Richen Warrior 20—Full Suspension and More

This smooth riding E-bike continues to pile on the fun.

Richen Warrior 20—Full Suspension and More.

My subject today is this fun full-suspension electric-assist folder.   Produced by the Henan Bangjie Company in China, it is looking for new homes all over the world.   They are working hard to gain new distributorships and that is one of the reasons they sent me this bike.   With the goal of technical feed-back from me and the desire to help introduce their E-bikes, I received the 26 inch version too.   Today, we are looking at this 20 inch Warrior (Richen Warrior 20).

As you can see, this bike has some cool features.   The disc brakes add to the look and feel of its usefulness.   Not only does it fold in half, but the bars fold down too.   That allows it to tuck into tight spots to stay handy for riding when you are ready to go.   Perfect for R/V’ers and commuters (or any rider for that matter), it should prove to make for some fun times.

Powered by a ultra quiet 250 watt rear hub motor and a 36 volt 10 Ah Lithium battery, it can make your riding easy.   With its mostly all aluminum make-up, it weighs under 50 lbs., so moving and storing it is a breeze.   I am loving the ride too, the suspension soaks up the bumps to make the ride smooth as can be.   It is a little on the small size for me, but fits my wife perfectly.

So far, this Warrior 20 has been on some great rides.   We took it to CicLAvia last month.   Even with the mass of 100,000 people (with just as many bikes) on the car empty streets of LA, this E-bike gained lots of attention.   It put in lots of miles and got lots of smiles.   Many people wanted to know more about it and where to get one.   To my knowledge, it is the only one of its kind in the whole USA.

Another fun destination was the Earth Day celebration at Balboa Park.   The Warrior 20 fit right in with the theme of the day.   Quite a few friends and new friends got a chance to turn its pedals that day.   This machine is not only green in color, it is green through and through.   It did seem to draw a crowd as we wheeled in and around the park for Earth Day.

This is one beefy little E-bike,   Equipped with a Shimano six speed and some stout 20 inch aluminum alloy rims, it is easy to handle.   The cable-actuated disc brakes manage the stopping chores just fine.   The headlight and horn work off the motor battery and are nice additions.   The front fork and rear suspension are not what you would find on a multi-thousand dollar downhill bike, but are adjustable and make riding very pleasant.

Early in the day, before the crowds filled the streets of LA, I got this shot of the Warrior 20 at CicLAvia.

As I mentioned, it is a little smaller bike that I am comfortable on.   I did some up-grades to it right away and one was a longer seat post.   That allows me to ride it ok, but I could still use a couple more inches to fit my 6’ 2” frame.   Another thing I swapped out was the metal platform BMX pedals for a set of basic plastic pedals that are much easier on the ankles.   I added a clamp-on rear rack with a blinking rear light too.

Normally when I test an E-bike, I don’t make any changes, but in this case I will have this bike for a long time.   So I am going to tailor it for our needs the best I can.   Next up will be a pair of thorn-resistant tubes with some Slime.   The tires are great, but some flat protection always gives me peace of mind on the longer rides.   The saddle is fine for me, but my wife wants a wider, softer one, so it’s on the list too.   Also, I am going to up-grade the derailleur to make the shifts real snappy.   It is ok the way it is, but at the super-low price point this bike sits at, it is no surprise that the Shimano unit installed could stand to be better.

This electric-assist folder comes with a dual-control power system, but it doesn’t work the same as many I have ridden.   The motor-assist kicks in after you start to pedal (with a great smooth start feel).   At that point you have three choices.   The motor will come to and stay at full power as you pedal.   Once the power is on, you can bypass the automatic pedelec function and vary the amount of assist with the thumb throttle.   This works with or without pedaling.   If you hold the throttle at any power setting for over eight seconds, it goes into cruise control and the motor stays at that level until you pull one of the brake levers or toggle the thumb throttle.

Of course there are motor safety cut-off switches in both brake levers so you can turn off the assist with a gentle tug of either lever.   At first, the power system felt a little weird, but I have come to enjoy the way it works the more I ride it.   The Warrior 20 isn’t the most powerful E-bike I’ve ridden, but does have more than enough juice and is very efficient, allowing great range from the battery.

The lithium battery has a set of lights on it that will tell you the amount of power left.   (The Warrior 20 also has lights in the throttle handle that do the same).   The battery is in a tough plastic case that slides easily onto its holder and locks in place with a key.   It has a carry handle and can be charged on or off the bike.   The included smart charger has the standard red-green indicator light to tell you when the charge is complete.

The Henan Bangjie Company offers a line-up of about eighteen E-bikes.   They can work with any E-bike designer to help get your companies’ bikes up and rolling.   They have distributors in several countries, but are on the search for interested parties here in the U.S.   They have supplied me a Warrior 26 that I will report on soon.   Also, they will be handing me one of their McFly folding E-bikes in a few months.   This is a snazzy bright red full-suspension folder that I am really looking forward to riding.   You should be able to see that bike on their website.

So I am giving them feed-back on how to tailor their E-bikes for the American market.   One suggestion I have made is for them to try to make sure they offer their bikes in all frame sizes so everyone interested can have one that fits them perfectly.   If you want a bike like this (or the others they make), tell your local E-bike dealer to look into the Richen line offered by this Chinese company.   Or, consider being a dealer of their bikes yourself.

With the ever present expansion of the E-bike market, how can you lose?   Turbo.

“I eat to ride, I ride to eat.   At the best moments, I can achieve a perfect balance, consuming just the right amount of calories as I fill up at bakeries, restaurants or ice cream parlors.   On the road, I can get about twelve miles to the quart of milk and a piece of baker’s apple tart.”—Daniel Behrman, The Man Who Loved Bicycles.

A Link to Henan Bangjie Import and Export Trade Co.LTD
It shows most their E-bikes, but I am hoping for a better link that will show the names, details and better photos of all their bikes.


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4 Responses to Richen Warrior 20—Full Suspension and More

  1. Miha Arh says:

    Dear Bob,
    Im very happy i found your site.
    Im interested in 20″ e bike from richen the new one (red, mcfly i think)because you cannot buy the one you got.
    How is the quality overall and the range per charge?
    Thanks in advance for your reply sorry for my bad english.
    Regards Miha

    • Miha, I really like the looks of the McFly and I am scheduled to get one this year for testing. I did have a few minor issues to work out on this Warrior 20, but nothing major. I am considering upgrading the disc brake calipers to some nicer units. They work fine, but do need some extra TLC due to their design. It should be inexpensive to install a nicer pair of calipers.
      The range has proven good. The motor is very efficient and the 10 AH battery has offered rides over 20 miles without problem. That does depend on your terrain, overall weight, and how much you use the power.
      These are very light E-bikes (less than 50 Lbs.) which makes riding them very nice.
      Good luck with your new E-bike. Make sure to tell us all about it, and how you like it.
      Thanks for the question, Turbo.

      • Miha Arh says:

        Dear Bob
        Thanks for your quick reply.
        do u by any chance have email of the person selling this ebikes because to the one on alibaba no one is replying. Regards Miha

      • Miha, I sent you her email #. I hope you get a response from her. We would love to hear the outcome of getting your new E-bike.

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