On the Chopping Block—San Diego Electric Bike is For Sale

On my last visit with Pat, I got to ride this economical commuter E-bike. The performance didn’t feel very economical.

On the Chopping Block—San Diego Electric Bike is For Sale.

Here is a fantastic E-bike opportunity I have been keeping under my own personal wrap for a while.   Pat of San Diego Electric Bike has decided to sell his custom E-bike building and supply business.   The reason I haven’t helped him put it out there until now is, that almost every morning when I wake-up, I envision myself as the one who steps up to take the reins of this successful and exciting business.

San Diego Electric Bike offers many services that are near one-of-a-kind.   He has assured his present and future customers that he will stay at the helm for at least a year to maintain their day-to-day needs.   In the mean time, he is actively searching for the right person to keep the ball rolling.   What the new owner-operator will receive for their investment is the best of deals.

In addition to the business and name, I think the best part is the two full months of on-the-job training.   After a year of pre-business R & D, and then over three years of successful operation, Pat is the go-to guy for any E-bike question.   He has dealt with just about every E-bike scenario and understands them like no other person I have met or read of.   His knowledge alone is worth the price of admission.   With every visit I make to his shop, my perceived full understanding of electric bikes takes a big expansion.

Money wise, they will receive so many things.   A full inventory of bikes, motors, batteries, controllers and the such are included.   This alone adds up close to the purchase price (at wholesale figures none the less).   Add in the tools, office equipment  and many other material things too.   A website, newsletter, access to the wholesalers and important business tips sweeten the deal.   Plus a large core of satisfied customers that help to bring repeat sales and service can’t be over emphasized.

Pat is been doing this for a while and doesn’t want to walk away, but the time has come for he and his family to relocate.   He wants all of his hard work to stay available to the world, just with someone else at the throttle.   Talking to him this week, I could tell this is not really what he wants, but the family decision has be made.   So, a great deal is open for this E-bike shop as it hits the open market.

I went by the shop hoping to test ride one of the top-end E-trailers he custom makes.   After trying out the one available mass-produced one earlier this year, I was eager to get pushed by one of his.   He had just sold the last one he made, so that didn’t happen (for now at least).   I also went by to pick his brain on a project bike I am working on.   Boom, he filled me in with all the info I needed.

I went home with one of his reasonably priced universal controllers that will complete the project perfectly.   (Thank you so much, Pat).   In addition, I got the full rundown on the install and parameters it will handle.   This made me extra happy, as all the web searching I did came up empty.   He has the parts, knowledge and the desire to fill the needs of each customer he deals with.

This little speedster peeled my eyes wide-open. It will get you where you’re going at any pace you like.

He is also like a open book.   What I sometimes consider black magic (secret information) on E-bikes and their component’s compatibility, is standard knowledge to him.   He is glad to share what he has found through years of hard work and intense research (testing).   You will find much of this on his website and a email or phone call can go a long way towards solving your E-bike riddle.   This is one of the biggest things I will miss as he moves on to new things and places.

I do expect his successor will have the same attitude and know (or learn) everything it takes to make me happy (it is all about me, isn’t it?).   I have my fingers crossed because, possibly like you, I need this kind of resource to keep our E-bikes running well and happy.   I still haven’t completely given up my dream of owning this shop, but I don’t think it will happen.   I would love to be a fly on the wall during that two month training the new owner will receive.

While I was talking to Pat, he made sure to have me ride a few of the complete E-bike conversions he offers.   In addition to the installs, he does sell complete, ready-to-ride E-bikes, as well as custom conversion kits, conversion up-grades and replacement parts.   I let him try the E-Brompton I have been testing.   He was intrigued at the combination of pieces that go into that high-end folding bike conversion.   I could see the wheels turning in his eyes, and noted to myself that I am really going to miss him when he leaves town.

If you read the last article I posted on San Diego Electric Bike, you know that Pat doesn’t have a store front.   He has been comfortable running the show out of his three car garage.   So the new owner will have the option of doing the same at their own house, or finding a small shop to call home.   Much of the business is done on-line, but a steady stream of in-person customers can be expected.   Pat keeps a variety of E-bikes on hand so the potential buyers can try them out to help guide their desires as they purchase the E-bike of their dreams.

And all of these are not just everyday commuters.   He sells and converts 3-wheelers, kick-scooter bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes and all-out speedsters.   A variety of bike, motor, battery and controller options can tailor the bike to the riders needs.   This is just one of the smart reasons to have a converted E-bike as opposed to getting one from the many E-bike companies on the market.   You will get a bike at the quality level you want, one that fits you perfectly and has all the options you desire.   Did I mention the custom lighting systems that Pat has designed and sells?   Check his website for the shop sale info and all the products he offers.

Well, the new owner can relocate this E-bike shop where ever they like.   I am hoping they decide to stay local and that the new owner will keep the same relationship with me as Pat has.   This is a local gem and I will miss it badly if things change too drastically.   I know just the right person (or persons) will step-up and keep this awesome E-bike shop going strong.

I am looking forward to meeting just that person, Turbo Bob.

“The bicycle riders drank much wine, and were burned and browned by the sun.   They did not take the race seriously except among themselves.”—Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises.

This link will take you to Pat’s website


This link will take you to the page with the shop sale info


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8 Responses to On the Chopping Block—San Diego Electric Bike is For Sale

  1. Very nice article.
    Good job Turbo!
    Good Luck to Pat!

  2. Douglas says:

    Has anyone taken over the shop? I see the name “Dave Hackbart” on the contact page.

    • Hi Douglas. Yes, Pat has fully trained the new owners and things continue to roll as always. I spent some time with Dave yesterday and he told me how things are going. The shop location will move a little north into a great spot very soon. Subscribe to the San Diego Electric Bike newsletter (if you don’t already) and you should get up-dates on a regular basis.
      This is one great shop and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.
      Thanks for reading, Turbo.

  3. Douglas says:

    Yes, I believe Dave is going to be located in North County, close to where I live. So, that’s good news, if he’s to have the same knowledge and customer service Pat appeared to be known for.

  4. David Wesley says:

    http://sdelectricbike.com/ cannot be found anymore. Help

    • David, the shop appears to be in flux right now. Last I heard the new owner is in the process of moving everything to North County San Diego. I saw Dave (the new owner) last month and he told me he plans to reopen at the new location by the end of January.
      Like you, I await the news and the new address of his shop.

  5. Douglas says:

    According to the website, the shop is now open at the new location: 343 S Highway 101, Solana Beach, CA 92075. Also, Pat is staying on with Dave for another year!

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