San Diego Fly Rides—A Premier E-bike Touring Shop

Turbo and Ike enjoy a spring day in the hills overlooking La Jolla, CA

San Diego Fly Rides—A Premier E-bike Touring Shop.

For a while now, I have been wanting to check out a new E-bike shop in town.   I had heard some good things about this shop and the people that run it.   When Currie Technologies offered me the chance to test their 2012 IZIP E3 Zuma, they suggested I could pick-up the bike at San Diego Fly Rides.   Perfect I thought, it would allow me a chance to mix pleasure with pleasure.

During the time I was waiting for the bike to be shipped to the shop, I stopped by on the E-Brompton I have been testing.   It was then that I first met Ike and Megan Fazzio, the couple that started, owns and runs this great E-bike shop.   I was immediately impressed with the smiles and warm greeting I received.   These are two people who love their job and have a passion for bikes of every nature.

While Ike was giving the E-Brompton a run around the neighborhood, I had some time to chat with Megan.   She offered some insight to the tours and bikes on their floor.   It was plain to see that this well organized shop was in the business of customer service.   Bikes are the subject, but happy customers are their goal.    After he returned, Megan headed into the office to tend to other matters, and Ike and I got down to some serious E-bike talk.

With a year of success under their belt, they have mastered the art of E-bike tours.   With the greatest of destinations here in San Diego, the whole package comes together with good people and E-bikes.   The sales and service they deliver are important too, but the tours are what caught my eye.   More on that in a minute.

The sales floor has Currie Technologies IZIPs and eZips, Stromers, and Tern folding bikes.   The repair station area is well equipped and stocked.   Both Megan and Ike completed courses at the Park Tools training unit to add to their large knowledge of bikes before opening the doors.   They keep up-to-date on all the E-bike advances through their main suppliers.

As we talked, we were graced with two different couples that came in to rent or test E-bikes.   The first couple was from back east and they wanted to ride to Balboa Park to help make their vacation special.   It was during this time I really got the chance to see how much personal interest and care was given to their charges.   The second couple, also from out-of-town, wanted to try out the E-bikes and were considering having a few shipped to them when they returned home.

I was already starting to feel the kinship with Ike by this time and jokingly told him he was just too nice.   I could see this was in his nature and I believe that Megan and he are both just two peas in a pod when it comes to such things.   Who wouldn’t want to do business with people that are all smiles and fun loving?   More of this came to light during my time to join in on one of their E-bike tours.

So the next week I came by to pick-up the E3 Zuma.   Ike made sure it was in perfect shape and adjusted to spec.   His hospitality was reproved as he offered me a off-street parking spot during that visit.   Once again, the flow of interested customers diverted his attention to me a few times, but I loved to see and feel the attention he gave them.

A few weeks after I got the E3 Zuma, I thought I would see if they would include me on a E-bike tour so I could report on it to you.   And of course, I was welcomed with open arms.   That, and I could supply my own E-bike and helmet.   Let the fun begin.

As you explore the San Diego Fly Rides website, you will see they have many tours on the books.   Some are more adventurous and longer that others.   Each one includes a great E-bike with a basket, a helmet, all the water you can drink and just about any other thing you might need.   You can meet them at the shop, the starting place for the tour or even get picked-up at your hotel.   Ike and Megan’s aim to please reaches far.

Paul and Sunday seemed to be having the best of times on their E-bike tour in San Diego

I went on the SoCal Rivera Tour.   This ride starts on a beach in the south part of La Jolla and takes you to the high land of Mt, Soledad.   From this vantage point, you get a 360 degree view of what might be some of the most beautiful sights you’ll see during your time in San Diego.   From there, you wind down to the awesome cliffs and beach spots in La Jolla.   You will see famous real estate and wondrous wild life too.   At a mellow pace with several stops, it is two and a half hours well spent.

As a So Cal native and a San Diego resident for the last 30 years, much of this I have seen from the saddle of a bike.   But what got me was all the new things I learned about my local world.   Ike (and I would assume Megan too) are just so well versed on the history and details of this great area.   And unlike the occasional tour I have taken in other places, the information was presented in a fun and interesting way.   I was continually impressed at each turn of the tour.

In addition to the sights and insights, I couldn’t help but notice the personal interest Ike had in his charges.   He is a people person.   Pleasant to be around and listen to, I mark him high on the list of people I would like to get to know better.   He was constantly making sure everyone was having fun, wondering if they wanted more info and just catering to every need a tour-taker could have.

If you are like me when you travel, you avoid tours and just take to the landscape on your own.   I can say without doubt, if you decide to join in on a tour with San Diego Fly Rides, you will consider doing them all.   I know I am.   Plus, doing it from the saddle of an E-bike makes it all the more pleasant.   On your next trip to San Diego, book your tour and enjoy the thrill of our area in a way that is unlike all others.   You might (will) get hooked.

Thanks Ike.   Thanks Megan.   All the best from Turbo Bob.

“Passing softly through the backcountry creates a fascinating tension.   On one hand is the environment, generating powerful swells of energy that course through our psyches.   There’s something about mountains, deserts, woods, that excites us.   Yet on the other hand, the awesomeness of it all diminishes our importance in the earth’s affairs.”—Hank Barlow.

Find San Diego Fly Rides on the web and Facebook.

A full listing of tours and some great videos of what you can expect will be found there.!/SanDiegoFlyRides

A link to another article I wrote on San Diego Fly Rides


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2 Responses to San Diego Fly Rides—A Premier E-bike Touring Shop

  1. Diane Langley says:

    I had Ike convert my mountain bike to an ebike with a Bionx conversion kit. If you have a bike you already love, you don’t have to give it up to have an ebike. Ike is great at matching you up with the perfect conversion kit. I’m a happy camper!

    • Great Diane. I too love the BionX. I had one for several months that I installed on two different mountain bikes. What a nice, smooth, silent and powerful conversion kit it is.
      That is one thing that I didn’t mention in the article—that Ike also offers BionX conversion kits and installations.
      I quess I don’t need to sell you on them, but I have posted many articles about my time with the BionX—both here and on other sites—see the ‘My blogs on other sites’ section.
      I also don’t need to convince you what a great service Ike and Megan offer to us locals and all the visitors with their E-bike shop and the tours.
      Thanks for reading and adding your words to this subject. I will keep an eye out for you and your BionX mountain bike while I am on the local roads and bike paths.

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