My Blog Articles on other Internet Sites

I would like to offer you a complete list to my blog articles that are located on other sites on the internet.   I hope you get a chance to have a look, as some of these I am quite proud of.   I will continue to update this page as more of my articles get posted as guest blogs.   I am getting more requests to do these, so the list should grow longer as the weeks and months go by.

On the NYCeWheels Folding Bike site.

———-Boy Gets Brompton Series.

———-(With this series of articles, you can start at #1 and follow the rest while staying on the same site.)

This multi-part series (Boy Gets Brompton) dives deep into this great folding bike.

———-Other Brompton Articles.

———-About my Tern Link P9

———-About the Tern Verge X20 folding bike

———-About the Tern Node D8

———-The Montague Paratrooper Pro

———-The Dahon Formula S18

———-The Dahon Mu SL

On the NYCeWheels BionX Bike Motor site.

These articles document my time with a BionX 48 volt Special Edition Conversion Kit.

———-BionX Articles.

———-Comparing the BionX to the E-Brompton

———-Comparing the BionX to the Gepita Reptila 1100

BionX Electric Folders from Tern

On the NYCeWheels Electric powered bikes site.

———-E-Brompton—E-Brompton Banter Series

Part #1——–Great E-xpectations

Part #2——–Happ-E Feet

Part #3——–Sentimental Journe-E

Part #4——–Abb-E Road

Part #5——-Surfin’ Safar-E

Part #6——–Spark-E—What’s in a Name?

Part 7———–Helping My Communit-E

Part 8———–Sexy in the Cit-E

Part 9———–E-xtended Test

Part 10———-Big Fun is Eas-E

Part 11———-My Gen-E-ration

———-Gepida Reptila 1100 Articles.

———-Stromer articles.

———-The Interbike Electric Bike Media Event—2/2013

———-eFlow E3 Nitro———————(for more on the eFlow, look below in the Currie Technologies section)

———-IZIP E3 Zuma———————–(for more on the IZIP E3 Zuma, look below in the Currie Technologies section)

On the Currie Technologies Bike Experience site

These articles cover my time with the IZIP E3 Zuma.

———-General Currie Technologies Articles

———-IZIP E3 Zuma Articles——-(for more on the IZIP E3 Zuma, look above in the NYCeWheels section)

Don’t miss the full series of articles on my bike blog about our eZips.

———eZip Articles

This awesome E-bike will need many articles to tell its story.
The IZIP Express

———IZIP Express Articles

———IZIP E3 Ultra Articles

———-IZIP E3 Path Articles

———–The Interbike Electric Bike Media Event—-2/2013

———–eFlow E3 Nitro Articles—————-(for more on the eFlow, look above in the NYCeWheels section)

———–IZIP E3 Compact Articles

———–IZIP E3 Path+ Articles

———–IZIP E3 Dash Articles

———–IZIP E3 Twn:exp article

On the the Electric Bike Report site

And don’t forget my ever-growing list of bike videos on my You-Tube Channel

Follow my day-to-day activities on my Facebook page

Thanks for looking outside the box to follow my stories, Turbo Bob.

“Sometimes the road was only a lane, with thick hawthorn hedges, and green elms overhung it on either side so that when you looked up there was only a strip of blue sky between.   And as you rode along in the warm, keen air you had a sensation that the world was standing still and life would last forever.   Although you were pedaling with such energy you had a delicious feeling of laziness.”—W. Somerset Maugham, Cakes and Me.

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5 Responses to My Blog Articles on other Internet Sites

  1. Cyndi Rose says:

    We are way up in Oceanside, and will miss your seminar tonight. GRRR! I would love to see you hold one here. Perhaps in the parking lot of the O’side Police Dept?, or the Pier Amphitheatre? If you video the seminar I would really love to watch.



    • Cyndi, thanks for the interest in attending my seminar. It was a very good evening with a lot going on. Better news is that they will let me do it again. I will post the date and time when it is scheduled.
      I will look into some other venues for more events like this one. We need to get out the word about bikes and E-bikes to all that will listen.
      By the way, I am going to post an article today about the seminar and all the activities.
      Thanks for following my bike blog, Turbo.

      • willy says:

        Hello: Somehow I found this web page. I have a question. I live in Asia and recently bought a new Dahon Dash P8 and after the first ride, decided it was too small for me. But this being Asia, I can’t return the bike. So, I’m planning a trip into the US next month and wondered if there are any forums for people interested in buying or selling mini-velos and folding bikes. Would you know of any? Thank you for any help you can provide. Kind regards, Willy willysson(at)doramail(dot)com.

  2. juan ignacio gongora a. says:

    cuanto cuesta el kit bionx

    • Juan, you want to know how much a BionX kit costs. There are many different kits. I suggest you go on the NYCeWheels website to see your options. If that doesn’t answer all your questions then you can give them a call.
      NYCeWheels treats me great and they are possibly the biggest BionX dealer.

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