Listen to Turbo Talk E-bikes on the Radio this Thursday, March 1st

'See' my new E-Brompton on the radio.

I will be interviewed on ‘The Week You Missed With Diane and Chris’ radio show this Thursday.   Chris has become a new E-bike owner and fanatic, so he is helping to promote them through his radio show.   Their invite for me to be on the show is very exciting.   It is planned between 8 and 10 pm PST, with my segment most likely at around 8:30.   This radio station streams live on the internet worldwide.

I will be bringing my new E-Brompton to the show so Diane and Chris can see how great and handy a bike like this can be in the modern-day world.   I hope they can ride it ‘on air’, we’ll see.   I know they both want to try it out to get the feel of this high-end folder with the power-assist.

We will be discussing the benefits of E-bikes, for the individual and the world.   Other topics will include Ivan Stewart’s Electric Bike Center, NYCeWheels, and other quality E-bike shops.   We will also include my bike blog as a point of interest.

So follow the link below to get the live streaming on your computer.   I hope you enjoy the show, Turbo.

My 107.9 Live Streaming (click below and then on the live streaming button)

Ivan Steward’s Electric Bike Center


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