Bound South—Three (Cyclists) for the Road

Nathan, Isaiah, and David Berg are three young men on a long and satisfing bike trek.

One of the great things about the internet and Facebook is getting to meet great people like these three brothers.   Isaiah, David, and Nathan Berg had a vision and decided to act on it.   With the goals of raising awareness, raising money for Habitat for Humanity, and taking on the adventure of their life’s, they are on an epic bike journey.   Leaving Alaska and heading for the southern tip of Argentina, they are encountering some generous people and arduous conditions.   These are just some of the things they expected.

If you are like me, you are already following their journey.   The Bound South website chronicles the fun and hardships they encounter everyday.   Also on this site, WordPress, and on Facebook, you can read their stories of the trip and see photos too.   In fact, one of their articles was just highlighted as a featured post on WordPress.    That has helped bring more interest to this group of three brothers and their cause.   Take the time to ’like’ them on Facebook, and check out the Bound South website and blog page.   I think you will not only enjoy it, but be drawn into their trip.

We got to meet them here in San Diego while they were taking a short break to get ready to cross the border into Mexico.   With about a third of their bike journey behind them, they already had a chance to understand what a large bite they are taking.   They hosted a talk at Velo Cult bike shop.   Promoting their cause to raise $60,000 for Habitat for Humanity was just one of the topics discussed.   We learned of the many reasons that spurned them into this trip and some of the preparations they made ahead of time.   We got to hear about their love of biking (different for each one of the brothers).   Talk of their love of adventure was another topic.

With a group gathered to learn about their travels, the Berg brothers seemed to enjoy the attention.

Everyone was interested in hearing about how they are financing this trip.   With their own funds (and the donation of three Surly bikes), they put together a plan and have stuck to it.   The Bergs out-fitted each bike with Rohloff hubs, racks, and bags.   Packing some spare parts and tools, they are doing a great job of keeping the bikes rolling.   They have had some issues, but last time I heard, the bikes are holding up well.   With the help of some host families and sleeping bags, they seem to find a place to sleep each night.

Part of their goal of this Pan-American ride is to raise money to build a home for a family in need.   That is were they ask for your help.   Even if it is just to share their story with your friends, getting the word out is on their agenda.   They want to raise awareness with the hopes of gaining volunteers and donations for Habitat for Humanity.   Each of these young men seem to have a well pointed internal compass the points them in the direction of good-will towards others.   This is part of what keeps the pedals turning everyday.

With humble upbringings in the farmlands of Starkweather, ND, they have learned from a young age about the value of hard work and family.   The three of them make a good team that allows them to make this journey easier.   Working off of each others strengths, the hardships they encounter are more easily swallowed.   Rough weather, roads, and mountains are less threatening when you have family by your side.   As they make their way through South America to Argentina, you can be sure that things won’t get any easier.

As I mentioned, they are documenting this excursion on different sites.   Now that they are south of the border, the chances to find WiFi get slimmer.   The posts and comments come sporadically, but with strength and conviction.   They are feeding off of outside footholds to keep their spirits and energy up.   I urge you to give them the support they need.   Comments on their pages, words of encouragement, and donations to their cause will help them so much.   Let’s keep these young men on the road with a smile.

So I salute these brave, strong young men and everything they do, now and in the future.   I hope you feel the same way, even if you haven’t had a chance to meet them in person.   These are our heroes, today and tomorrow, and they need all the support we can muster up.   Maybe you can follow their lead in your own way.   I try my personal best along these lines, but I can promise you now that I would be replicating this ride any time soon.   You go—Isaiah—David—Nathan.

Thanks for hearing me, Turbo.

“It is all very well to say to yourself that you are not thinking as you wheel serenely along; but you are, and that sure uncertainty of the cyclist’s balance, that unconsciously watchful suspension (solid on earth yet so breezily flitting) seems to symbolize the task itself.”—Christopher Morley, The Romany Stain

Bound South website

Bound South on Facebook!/pages/Bound-South/250070715009494

Bound South on WordPress

Bound South on Twitter

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