e-Joe Anggun—One Sweet E-bike

This nice E-bike seems to fill all my needs.

This just might be the most positive E-bike review I’ve written to date.   The Anggun electric-assist bike has got to be the best mid-range bike on the market.   With good looks, style, and performance, it has easily covered all the bases.   What makes me like it so much, you ask?   Let’s get a detailed look at this new contender for your commuting and fun needs.

The freshly designed power system has the features I like and feel are necessary.   Dual control makes for a pleasant E-bike experience.   The pedelec mode not only has three levels of assist, but has an off position too.   When you’re in pedelec mode, sometimes the minimum power setting is too high and the bike seems to want to go faster than you like.   The off feature cancels that out to give a great feel of control.   All bikes should have this.

So while riding, the twist throttle will allow you to feed in the assist, and the pedelec mode automatically adds power while you’re pedaling.   The seamless jogging between the two is one of the safest and most controllable power systems I have tested on mid-range E-bikes.   It is a little hard to explain until you try it yourself.   This has been a sore point for me on almost every E-bike I’ve ridden that doesn’t have the intelligent assist, and e-Joe has nailed it perfectly.

The low-end hill climbing grunt of the motor is more than acceptable.   The smoothness of the brushless motor is noticeable and speed levels are exceptional.   This bike came with the extended range lithium battery.   I took some long rides of over thirty miles and never ran out of juice.   In fact I rode it a lot, because it is so comfortable and fun to enjoy all of it’s features.   This e-Joe Anggun is loaded down with pieces that kept me in the saddle mile after mile.

The front fork is very plush at this price range.   With an adjustable pre-load setting, I found it soaked up the bumps better than most.   The seating position is just right for my tall frame, and just as good for my wife.   She often can’t ride the bikes I do, because they are too big.   The Anggun is a perfect compromise for our two needs.   She rode it many times, including a fun Taco Tuesday group ride with our bike club friends.

The disc brakes work great.   They are cable actuated and modulated well during every stop.   Once again, a great addition at the price range this bike fits into.   I am getting more fond of this style of brake, and would love to see them on all bikes with an electric power-assist.   Plus they just look so cool.

Another item on the bike that met my wants are the tires.   I like these mountain bike size 26 inch large cross-section street tires for their ability to ford ruts and grooves in the roadway.   They are ever so slightly aggressive in the tread pattern, but just right for the riding I do.   The beefy rims look like they can take a beating without problem.

A pair of ergo grips are speced, along with a bell, kickstand, rack, fenders, and chainguard.   The kickstand is designed so you can push the bike backwards without the pedal arm stopping up against it.   If you have been thwarted from this flaw in other style kickstands, you know why I like it.   The saddle is a smaller modern style, and was more than comfortable during the longer rides.   The low-frame chassis seemed stiff and added to the safety and comfort during mounts and dismounts.   There is nothing about this bike I don’t like.

Well, unless you are talking color.   But even that started to be to my liking.   The bike I had is red, that’s what they call it anyway.   It stands out in a crowd and has a very neat shade.   So I ended up embracing that too.   It also comes in black if you so desire.   I think if it came in the most gross color imaginable, I would still love this e-Joe Anggun.   It is just that nice.

The e-Joe Anggun was right at home during one of our group rides for some tasty tacos.

I had the bike for close to three weeks.   I rode the heck out of it.   Long rides to the beach and to show it off to friends were great.   Group rides with my wife aboard added to the miles it logged.   Up and down hills, and even a four person-four E-bike ride.   (You did read that article, didn’t you?)   E-Joe has a real winner here, and I enjoyed every minute of the trip.

They have yet to post this bike and the specs on their website.   Their Facebook page has photos of this bike and the other offerings in the e-Joe stable.   It can be ridden at Ivan Stewart’s Electric Bike Center, I know, because when I was all done wringing it out, I dropped it off there to be their demo bike.   E-Joe is still adding to the list of dealers where you can test-ride it.   I would think more bike shops will start stocking the e-Joe line so you can see what you think about them.

Before this time I had with the Anggun, e-Joe let me have their city bike, the Oma, for a week.   I will report on that soon.   For now, let’s just say that it sports the Amsterdam look and comes very well out-fitted.   Even a nice set of saddle bags for the rack come standard with the Oma.   You can see that bike on their Facebook page too.   Their line-up keeps expanding with the times.

My wife and I are still discussing the possible purchase of a pair of e-Joe Angguns.   We both think they are great and quite affordable.   Everyone who tried the bike I had, smiled and made positive comments.   It performed better than most bikes I ride, especially at the price-point it sits in.   It could be the bike for you.

Thanks for following along.   Remember, I am now on You-Tube, so have a look, Turbo.

“The bikers rode past.   They were moving so fast.   Hills were nothing to them.   They had light bikes, expensive ones, and the climbs were only excuses to use the great strength of their legs.”—Rick Bass, The Watch.

e-Joe on the web


e-Joe on Facebook


Ivan Stewarts’ Electric Bike Center on the web


Ivan Stewarts’ Electric Bike Center on Facebook


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