Stromer E-bike Review—All Terrain Powerhouse

With a great look and feel, the Stromer is one nice E-bike.

I’ve been reading and hearing about this electric-assist bike for quite a while.   Having so many of the best E-bike features, I was glad once I finally got a chance to try it out.   It didn’t take long for me to realize that all the hype was well-founded.   This bike has what so many others don’t.

Fueled with Swiss designing, the Stromer has some great pieces incorporated on-board.   The electrics are top-notch.   With a torque sensor on the rear-wheel drop-out (like a Gepida Reptila 1100), the intelligent pedelec feel is un-matched.   It senses your power to the pedals and adds motor power to match.   The dual-control power system allows you to use the hand throttle too.

Stamped in the motor housing is the rating of 500 watts.   The specs I’ve seen claim more.   Some of that is determined by the ECU.   Part of what makes it so fast and responsive is the fact that there is a computer tied into the ECU to allow the bike to know just how much power you want or need.   Let’s just say it has exceptional acceleration and power compared to most all electric-assist bikes.

The large lithium battery in enclosed in the frame tube for a sleek look.   It has a stealthy appearance that almost hides the fact it is an E-bike.   Like most electric-powered bikes, they claim a range of twenty miles or more.   And like all other E-bikes, that can be increased or decreased by the amount you pedal and the terrain where you’re riding.

The bike I rode is on the floor at Ivan Stewart’s Electric Bike Center in Little Italy, San Diego.   My first exposure to the Stromer came through NYCeWheels Facebook page.   These are both great E-bike shops and generally only offer quality bikes that will treat you well.   You are best to buy your E-bike through a shop that specializes in such things, and not from any old website that could be filled with empty promises.   Even with a great bike like the Stromer, you are wise to get one from the experts.

Riding this bike through the streets of San Diego, I was impressed with the feel of the frame and fork.   It has a sporty ride due to the mountain bike like geometry.   It has dual-purpose tires, but some more aggressive ones could be mounted for serious trail riding.   The fork has a lock-out setting for high-speed use.   The fork was quite nice and smoothed out the bumps easily.

A set of mechanical disc brakes added a lot of security during my long ride.   On a E-bike like this, you tend to ride pretty fast, and a quick stop might be in the cards at any given time.   The ultra-steep hill up to Balboa Park was easily conquered with the power this bike puts out, and coming back down was just as sweet.   Love those disc bakes.

With the beefy frame and quality front suspension fork, I could imagine how some dirt trails and hills could be tamed on the Stromer.   I don’t know that this was their goal, but just by looking at it and the components, I think it was.   It just says mountain bike everywhere you look.   It comes in four men’s sizes and two low-framed women’s sizes, so anyone should be able to find the right fit on a Stromer.   Three different colors are available too.

No fenders are speced, but it does come with a kickstand and a chain-ring guard.   The handlebar mounted shifter is smooth and easy to reach.   The LED panel gives battery capacity info and has buttons to power-up the system and to set your levels of assist.   Three power levels are more than enough to allow you to find the correct one for any riding situation.   Plus there is a switch that allows you to toggle between automatic assist or use of the twist throttle.

This silent brushless motor is the backbone of this top-end hill-climber.

The silent brushless motor gives a nice rush of power when needed.   It comes on smooth and strong.   The load sensor that controls the pedelec mode works fast and makes for a seamless feel between pedaling and power-assist.   This one feature is part of the reason the bike is at a higher price point than some, but it is well worth it.   Plus the bike is very-high quality too.

Stromer is coming out with it’s Elite model soon.   This bike will have a three gear front chain ring for more gearing choices.   It will have up-graded hydraulic disc brakes and a full LCD panel with bike computer functions.   Add some nicer drivetrain parts on the list too.   NYCeWheels have a great video featuring the Elite model posted on their Facebook page and website.   It also tells all about this standard model.   Have a look to see this bike in action and get the details.

Gary over at Ivan’s mentioned to me that the Stromer they have on the floor is presently discounted way under list.   It made me excited to think I could move-up to such a great E-bike with out breaking the bank.   It is tempting, but we have bikes we like, plus I get to have so much fun testing many different E-bikes, it would be hard to settle on just one.   Besides, the E-joe prototype I am testing right now, is really pulling me into it’s lair.   Time will tell.

Let’s see if I covered all the bases on the Stromer E-bike.   It’s quick.   It’s smooth.   It’s efficient.   It looks good.   It has all-terrain abilities.   It has European flair.   It’s expensive.   It has an up-graded model coming out.   It is very high-quality.   It rides great.   It has dual control.   It comes in many sizes.   It has disc brakes.   It climbs hills like mad.   Yep, that’s it—Stromer.

“I had been familiar with that street for years, and had supposed it was dead level:   But it was not, as the bicycle now informed me to my surprise.   The bicycle, in the hands of a novice, is as alert and acute as a spirit-level in the detecting and vanishing shades of difference in these matters.   It notices a rise where your untrained eye would not observe that one existed.”—Mark Twain, “Taming the Bicycle”

To read another article I wrote about the Stromer that is posted on the NYCeWheels electric powered bikes page—use this link

You can find Stromer on Facebook, the web, and NYCeWheels sites

Ivan Stewart’s Electric Bike center   on Facebook and the web

NYCeWheels   on Facebook and the web       

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4 Responses to Stromer E-bike Review—All Terrain Powerhouse

  1. Mike P says:

    I have an odd question for you, do you know what brand/model kickstand is on the Stromer bike?

    • Mike, the Stromer I rode recently had a kickstand with a sticker that read ‘O stand’. I am not really all that familiar with the brand, but it is a alumium piece that appears to be very high-quality. It is a single leg, side kickstand. The length was right, and it supported the bike well.
      I think all bikes should have a good kickstand, and I guess Stromer feels the same.
      Thanks for the question and for checking out my blog, Turbo.
      Great to see you here and on the NYCeWheels Facebook page.

      • mikepetrucci says:

        Thanks for the quick reply! I love the review of this bike. I actually got to test ride one and thought it was pretty cool but it won’t be a purchase on the very near future because I just bought a Trek 520 for commuting. Can’t wait! Thanks again and keep up the great blog!

      • Mike, glad you are enjoying my bike blog. You might consider an E-trailer for your Trek. They require no mods for your bike and are said to work well. San Diego Electric Bike offers one I hope to try out soon. Also, there is one called ‘Ride Kick?’ on the market.
        Keep riding, Turbo.

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