Linus Mixte 8—100 years young

With old time charm just dripping from every part of this bike, who could resist a chance to try it out?

Here is a bike style that has been with us for over a hundred years.   This version by Linus has the modern innards with the classic look.   Part diamond framed and part step-through, it is a strong bike with vintage looks and comfort.   Add the 8-speed rear hub and up-to-date brakes for a bike that can take you most anywhere you want to go.

If you read my article on the Linus Roadster, you have a feel for this company’s desire to build a quality bike with old-time looks for a reasonable price.   The are headquartered in Venice beach, CA.   That is a bike riding mecca for young and old alike.   Showing your bike style has never been so easy.

By deciding on a 8-speed model, you get a frame that is 100% Chromoly.    This basic bike is available with a 3-speed hub too.   There are some differences, but I like the 8-speed hub with its large gear selection anyway.   The bike is made in only one frame size and unless you are really tall or short, you should fit just fine.

Linus has many bikes in its catalog.   This one comes in two colors.   This shade of green is not my favorite, but I learned to start liking it the more I rode and enjoyed.   The other color is a shade of white and would be my first choice if I were laying down my plastic.   The fenders are painted to match and it comes with a nice alloy rear rack.

Smooth cruising and good looks are on the list of reasons to ride a Linus Mixte.

Another thing you will get with your Linus Mixte 8 is a leather covered seat.   A pair of leather handgrips adorn the handle bars.   A vintage style bell is attached the alloy stem.   Alloy kickstand and front chaining cover add to the bling.   There is no chainguard, so the cover will have to do.   Wear a trouser strap if you feel the need.   The three piece crank is forged from aluminum.

Some Schwalbe 700c tires support the bike.   Strong rims and sealed bearings are speced.   There are pluses and minuses with the sealed bearings, but overall probably the best way to go on a bike like this.   They are maintenance free, and who doesn’t like that?   Wide white reflective strips on the tires will add to your safety.

Riding the bike was a thrill.   It offers a smooth, floating ride thanks to the steel frame and modern components.   The seat and handlebar locations give a feel of old-time excitement.   The shifting and extra complement of gears will have you pedaling easy as the miles add up.   The feel of leather is many a biker’s dream.   The steering is steady at all the speeds I rode.   Just a comfortable, nice feeling is what this Linus delivers.

If you have ridden in or considered riding in one of the many Tweed Rides held worldwide, this would be a great bike to have.   The French inspired design would fit in perfectly.   What it is really ideal for is everyday riding and commuting.   The good looks and good performance will make every ride seem like a throw-back to the days of the early bike enthusiasts.   The past meets the future in the turning wheels of a Linus Mixte.

Velo Cult bike shop in San Diego is where I picked up this bike for testing.   The Linus is a strong line for them, and they offer most of the models.   They can get you any bike Linus offers.   They have a wide selection of matching accessories to tailor your new bike to your needs.   Adding just the right pieces will bring it alive with vintage looks dripping from every part of the bike.   Go nuts, you deserve it.

If you haven’t experienced riding an old-fashioned styled bike, you are missing an important part of what this bike is all about.   Looks, feel, and comfort are the name of the game.   Even if you are not in the market for a Mixte, go give one a ride to see what you think.   Don’t forget to take your camera to seal the memory in time.   Memories in time, what a concept.

Thanks for tuning in, Turbo Bob.

“Cyclists have a right to the road too, you noisy, polluting, inconsiderate maniacs!   I hope gas goes up to eight bucks a gallon!”—The dad of “Calvin & Hobbes,” responding to Calvin’s request for traffic safety poster ideas.

Find Linus Bikes on the web

Now available at Adams Avenue Bikes in San Diego.

Velo Cult Bike Shop

Note—-Velo Cult has recently moved to Portland, OR

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1 Response to Linus Mixte 8—100 years young

  1. Myra Hill says:

    I bought the Linus Mixte 3 in blue last Sunday. I love it and the vintage inspired design.

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