Jucied Riders ODK U500—New and Different

This new cargo E-bike might be just what you have been looking for.

Another brand new E-bike has hit the market.   As you can see from the photos, this bike is unlike any before it.   Long, strong, and powerful, it’s sets the standard in a class that didn’t exist until now.   I was fortunate to get to ride this bike at Ivan Stewart’s Electric Bike Center, the exclusive dealer for the ODK U500.   Let’s load this cargo E-bike down with some groceries and see how it feels.

On your first look at the bike, after you note the long wheelbase, you will notice the very large battery.   With 18 Ah of power, this electric-motored bike is designed to have  a range unseen in the E-bike world.   Add that to the 500 watt rear-hub motor and you get some great hill climbing power.   The top-speed is limited to 18 mph, but the grunt to push you up the steepest grade is almost unbelievable.   I had never made it to the top of one grades near the shop until now.

The Shimano 7-speed gear train has a very wide ratio.   With a super-low gear for pulling hills, and a fairly high gear for cruising, the twist grip shifter commands them all.   The smaller rims and tires require this to allow all speed ranges to be used while pedaling.   It also has a chain tensioner idler pulley to manage the extra length of the chain.

The all aluminum frame has a large integrated cargo rack.   The step-through frame sits low with the help of the 20 inch tires.   These are two more of the unique features of this E-bike.   This allows a light-weight solid frame, massive carrying capacity, and ease of  mounting of the bike.   Along with the long battery range and strong power system, all these features set the bike apart from its competition.

Touted to have the ability to handle a total of 330 lbs, you will be able to load this E-bike down with anything you need to haul.   Towing a trailer will be a breeze.   This is the market the manufacture is trying to satisfy, but even the everyday rider will like the feel this E-bike offers.   With a comfortable seating position and solid directional control, it can be an everyday bike or a two-wheeled workhorse.

If you are looking for a hill-climbing monster, saddle-up a Juiced Rider ODK U500 for a test ride.

The motor on the ODK U500 is controlled with a twist-grip throttle.   It is the half style, which I find safer and more comfortable than its counterpart.   Part of the throttle system is a three-step speed governor on the handle bars.   Not really needed in my opinion, but with the amount of power this bike has, probably not a bad idea.   The brake lever mounted motor cut-off switches are of a new design and add the touch of safety I think any electric-motored bike needs.   Don’t look for any pedelec control, there is none.   The motor is controlled by the throttle alone.

Front and rear disc brakes are standard on the Juiced Riders E-bike.   They work quite well.   The frame and fork have fittings for V-brakes if you would like to convert it.   The discs are great, but the company found that some people feel the need for V-brakes, so they made sure they are compatible with the bike.   At 69 lbs (for the bike alone), and with a full load onboard, those strong disc brakes are the way to go, (stop).

I enjoyed riding the bike.   The power system felt good.   The handling was more than comfortable.   The included fenders and lights gave me peace of mind.   Going up the steep hills was easy and coming back down was no sweat.   The chain guard will protect your pants or skirt.   And the dual kickstands, will allow you to park it on all types of surfaces.   Yes, it has a large side stand and a center stand too.   Go figure.

The designer, Tora Harris, spent a lot of time working with the details on this bike.   Seeing an E-bike market that had yet to have a bike for its needs, he worked long and hard to fill them.   His website is very well done, with some great videos that show clips of how the bike and its components are built and tested.   Some of the innovations have been well thought out.   I like the service oriented junction box for the wiring under the handlebars.   I think it is worth your time to take a look at the website to see all this E-bike offers.

Tora plans on having it in many E-bike dealerships and available on the web.   For now, you can only get the Juiced Riders ODK U500 from Ivan Stewart’s E-bike Center in Little Italy, San Diego, CA.   Stop by for a free test ride so you too can see and feel this new cargo E-bike.   Shipping to your house?   You bet.

From its beefy rims with heavy-duty tires and goop-filled tubes, to its high-rise comfort handlebars, and everything in between, you might find it’s the E-bike you have been waiting for.   Reasonably priced and well out-fitted, it is truly in a class of its own.   You can even get the same bike without the power system if a nice strong cargo bike is on your list of needs.   Either way, it will haul a load in style.

So load it down and take to the road, Turbo Bob.

“I want to know different environments.   I want to ride to them and completely immerse myself in them.   It restores me.”—Thom Parks.

Find Juiced Riders on the web at


Find Ivan Stewart’s Electric Bike Center at


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2 Responses to Jucied Riders ODK U500—New and Different

  1. Bob! I’m so intrigued by your blog and your knowledge about e-bikes and folding bikes. Thank you so much for all your honest, grass roots reviews! I need your help and guidance 🙂 I’ve been trying to find a folding electric bike I can put in a regular suitcase and take on trips with me. If that’s not a reasonable idea, I could go for just a folding bike that I can fit in a suitcase. I’ve been searching the web like an obsessed little kid but I’m overwhelmed by all the options. I live in LA/OC but can’t seem to find a bike shop where I can check everything out. If you’d be willing to give me some advice, please send me an email or a message on Facebook 😀

    • Michelle, Your best option is also one of the more expensive. The Brompton folds smaller than all folding bikes. There is also a hard case available for it. Although Brompton has been working on an electric version, the Brompton E-bike that is on the market is a conversion offered by NYCeWheels. I have not ridden this bike. I have spent a lot of time with the Brompton and I fully trust NYCeWheels when they say the bike they offer is top-notch. You can see the bike on U-tube or on their website. Give them a call for details. You will find Bert and Peter are the greatest guys and know the E-bike world very well.
      Check my site for a link to the multi-part article I did on the Brompton that NYCeWheels sent me at the end of last year.
      The folding E-bikes I have reported on are too big and heavy to put in a case.
      Let me know how you do on your quest.
      Thanks for tuning in, Turbo.

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