Index of Articles—April 2011 to September 2011

April 2011

1.  To Pedelec or not to Pedelec?   That is the Question

2.  Index of Articles  June 2010 to April 2011

3.  Pedego Interceptor Special Edition E-bike—Style and Power!

4.  Three Old English 3-Speeds—Project Bikes—Part 1

May 2011

1.  2nd Annual Tweed Ride—San Diego

2.  Brompton M3L—Extended Test

3.  e-Moto ecco 1.5 Review

4.  Fixing a Flat Tire on Your E-Zip Electric Bicycle

June 2011

1.  e-Joe Bikes E-Transformer—Test Ride

2..  San Diego Electric Bike

3.  Hebb Electroglide 500—What More Could You Need?

4.  NewLife RMB Battery for E-Zips and I-Zips—Review

5.  Feeling the Fun with an BionX 48 volt Special Edition E-bike Kit

July 2011

1.  Bike Safety is Just a Blink Away

2.  Bike Computers

3.  Taco Tuesday—San Diego Style

August 2011

1.  Bodhi Bikes Step-through—First Look

2.  V-Source Folding Electric Bike—Preview

3.   1960 Schwinn Continental—Schwinns’ First Ten-Speed

4.  NuVinci N360 Drivetrain Hub—Seamless Shifting

5.  V-Source Hybrid—Extended Test

September 2011

1. Cardiff Bike Shop—Vintage Bike Specialists


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