Feeling the Fun with an BionX 48 volt Special Edition E-bike Kit

A great kit from BionX can convert your bike to a silent powerhouse.

Push a button and next thing you know, you and your bike are shooting silently down the road at 20 MPH.   You pedal your bike normally, but it feels like your legs are in the best shape ever.   You smile when a large hill looms in front of you.   You arrive at work dry and happy from a great bicycle experience.   If any of these sound like your idea of bike riding, then hop on board the BionX Express.

Once again, the fun crew at NYCeWheels have sponsored a great E-bike test for me.   This 48v BionX Special Edition Kit is hard to get your hands on, but mine showed up at my front door like a breeze.   Easy to install, and full of performance and quality, my fun with it has only just begun.   I will do a full story on it here, but most of the stories it brings me will be on the blog sites at NYCeWheels.   Look them up on the web or Facebook.

I first put the kit on a Raleigh Mountain bike.   I was up and running right away.   It worked great and I let several people try it out on it’s first weekend outing.   That bike wasn’t quite nice enough, so off it came, in favor of a Diamond Back mountain bike that is speced a little better.   Not all that much harder to do than a wheel replacement and a tune-up, this bike accepted the kit just as easy as the first.   I might put in on an even better bike down the road.

This bike its on now doesn’t really fit me all that well.   I wanted to put it on a bike that my wife would be comfortable  riding too.   So I chose a bike that was a good compromise for the two of us.   I am still testing the Gepida Reptila 1100 that the  New York E-bike shop sent me, so Barbara and I can ride together on these top-end E-bikes.   We have our E-Zips, but it is a thrill to be able to ride some real high-end E-bikes like these.

If you don’t know much about BionX kits, you can get all the info on the web.   That is not the same as riding the bike in person.   These kits employ a rear hub motor with a sensor (strain gauge) and ECU (Electronic Control Unit) built-in.   The battery sets on the water bottle frame mounts, and the display unit and thumb control tuck-in on the handlebars.   The kit senses how hard you are pedaling and gives just the right amount of power-assist automatically.   It can be set in four levels of assist.

It will also regenerate power back to the battery on down hills or when you add a little rear brake.   You can bypass the auto-assist by pushing the throttle with your thumb at any time.   The display works like a bike computer and monitors your battery life and power settings too.   The display is a handsome unit with many features.   Easy to understand and set, I really like it.

I first put the kit on this basic bike. When I was done with it, there were no tale-tale signs that it was ever a BionX E-bike.

I will do a full report on this kit in a future article.   This 48 volt kit has some extra top-end power that the 36 volt kits don’t have.   I think it gives up a little low-end grunt, but you would never know it from the way it climbs the hills.   It also comes in a unique white finish to show off how special it is.   I believe the BionX is available in three different levels of motor and battery combinations.   This is the first one I have had a chance to see close up and ride.   I am quite impressed with the fit and finish it offers.   I plan on having many fun rides as long as this BionX electric-powered bike kit stays in my stable.

I recommend checking it out if you want to park your car, spend more time on your bike, and enjoy the thrill of cycling without the tough parts that can go along with it.   E-bikes are here to stay, and this one seems to be as good as it gets.   Easy to install and maintain, high on quality and performance, big on comfort and thrills, what more could you ask for?

See you in the commuter bike lane, Turbo Bob.

“All creatures who have ever walked have wished that they might fly.   With highwheelers a flesh and blood man can hitch wings to his feet.”—Karl Kron, Ten Thousand Miles on a Bicycle.

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2 Responses to Feeling the Fun with an BionX 48 volt Special Edition E-bike Kit

  1. Pete Bostich says:

    Great review, now I see why you were so positive on it on FACEBOOK!

    • Thanks Pete, I do what I can—just kidding.
      I am glad you liked the article. I am sure you would love trying out this BionX kit. It has some great features. I still have it so there will be sure to be some more stuff on it. I also have a few blogs about the kit on the NYCeWheels website. They are the ones who sponsored this test, and I need to give them the thanks they are due.

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