Hebb ElectroGlide 500—What More Could You Need?

The Hebb ElectroGlide 500 has proven itself to many owners.

Today I got a chance to try a bike that has been on my list for a while.   Hebb E-bikes are a big seller at my local electric bike shop.   With a solid name in the exercise world behind it, this bike offers great performance and quality.   The going price for the Hebb ElectroGlide 500 might seem a little high, but with all its included extras and rock solid performance, it is one of the best deals going.

Gary at Ivan Stewart’s Electric Bike Center has been very generous to me with his E-bike stable.   This is the same kind of bike he personally rides.   One factor in the fast way these Hebbs roll out of his shop, is it’s the first bike he presents to any new customer.   When you have a favorite, it is natural to want to share it with everyone.   As an electric bike expert, he knows what he likes and shares those feelings with enthusiasm.   So let’s twist the throttle on this smooth, sturdy electric-assist bike.

There are a few things about the ElectroGlide that are easy to spot.   One, is the fact that it was designed as an E-bike, not just any bike converted to electric power.   Next, is the many nice features that will keep you from spending a bundle on aftermarket goodies.   The fenders, riding computer, rack with elastic tie-downs, bell, and a solid fork type kickstand stand out on a glance.   The front disc brake, suspension fork, and battery-run lights add to the package.   Some of it’s best qualities are not visible, but only surface during your time in the saddle.

As I powered away from the shop, it was easy to feel why Gary likes this bike so much.   The motor response was smooth, but powerful.   The seating and pedal positions are well thought out.   The controls are nicely placed for ease of use.   The feel of the ride was solid, with no flex or roughness.   The combination of pieces in this bike come-together as one to give you confidence in your steed.

Even though the motor isn’t totally silent, it is whisper quiet.   Lots of pulling torque comes from the 350 watt brushless motor.   The planetary gear ratio in the hub motor is balanced well for good climbing and a fast 20 MPH top speed.   Acceleration is brisk enough, yet not too severe to make you uncomfortable.   And with only the throttle to control the motor, you are in charge of the amount of your power assist-to-pedaling choices.   More use of the pedals will net a farther range, but the 37 volt-10 ah lithium-polymer battery will easily get you 20-30 miles on a charge.

If that is not enough range for you, then opt for the 14 ah battery that is available.   Either one slides and locks on to the frame under the seat.   This gives the bike good balance and keeps the battery out of harm’s way.   The aluminum frame comes in two styles.   A 17 inch comfort, step-through frame, or a 19 inch triangular frame.   The larger bike comes in black or silver, while the smaller is silver only.   The finish on all three is exceptional.   At just 59 lbs, it sports exceptional performance too.

A thumb shifted Shimano Nexus 7-speed hub is mounted in the back wheel.   This allows the ElectroGlide 500 to have a chain guard, something that I look for in an everyday bike.   The shifting on a unit like this is known to be quick and quiet.   It can be shifted after you stop, a great quality in a multi-speed gear train.   Also mounted in the back hub is a strong roller brake from the same company.   Very nice to have.

The go and slow corner of the bike. Looking good here.

The brakes out front are where the action is.   Since the front brake does most of the work, you want it to do its job.   A silky smooth cable operated disc brake is what you will find as you peer over the handlebars.   In addition to looking cool, it will make your safety on the Hebb a given.   The way I was riding this bike, the brakes got a good work-out.   Let’s go into that for a minute.

It seems that normally when I ride one of Ivan Stewart’s E-bikes for a test, I head for the waterfront.   I will try a few of the nearby grades to test the motor power, then cruise to the coast.   Today, I had a few things I wanted to do downtown.   So I was in traffic, in an area with a lot of stop signs and signals.   I powered my way around town in a sprightly manner that I normally avoid.   I was cranking the power and punishing the brakes.   Quite fun actually, but not my normal riding style.   The Hebb responded with lots of juice and whoa action.   The rough roadway was smoothed by the suspension fork too.

I liked the solid feel and layout of the bike.   The controls were at hand with no searching.   The seating position was to my liking, upright, with the pedals in just the right spot.    Over and over, I could understand why this bike is such a good seller.   It is well thought out, not just thrown together to be another E-bike on the sales room floor.

With so many E-bikes on the market, it is important to get one that has a good company and dealer support standing behind it.   This is just another area where the Hebb shines.   Few problems have been reported, and those that have, get the best of dealer back-up.   With a strong warrantee, and many dealers, this bike should be trouble-free for a long time.   I think it would be a great electric-motored bike to have in my garage.

Keep tuned for more on the three English 3- speeds I am reworking, Turbo Bob.

“Since the bicycle makes little demand on material or energy resources, contributes little to pollution, makes a positive contribution to health and causes little death or injury, it can be regarded as the most benevolent of machines.”—Stuart S. Wilson.

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1 Response to Hebb ElectroGlide 500—What More Could You Need?

  1. RkG says:

    Our daughter has some mobility issues and this bike is allowing her more freedom on her college campus. While she had refused to ride a scooter because she felt like it would stand out she loves this bike because it looks like any other bike on campus.

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