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Patrick Winston--the driving force behind San Diego Electric Bike

What started out as an interesting story on a fast E-bike, has turned into a major eye-opening E-bike event for me.   On a day to help the local velodrome track get spruced up for this season’s racing, I noticed the track’s new pace bike.   With a plan to do a story about it, and maybe get to straddle the saddle on the track, I met the man responsible for this one-of-a-kind electric bike.   I will cover a story on the velodrome and the bike in the future, but for now, let’s meet Patrick Winston.

He is the man behind this one-horse show.   He has a great reputation in this town for knowing it all about E-bikes.   You might even say, a E-bike guru.   With many electric-assist bikes dreamed of and completed before he started his business, he has built countless customer loved bikes.   His web site is like a what’s-what in a world I am coming to know better every day.   What a thrill it was to visit his workshop, listen to his wisdom, and ride his personal bike.   I hope for more time at his shop in the near future.

Pat told me that his customers are split into three similar sized groups.   First are the folks with physical weaknesses or handicaps.   He gives them special caring treatment to get their transportation needs taken care of.   Next, are the basic commuters and bikers like me (and you?).   He offers many options and price ranges for the kits and bikes we need.   Last, are the speed demons.   He always discourages this group when he can, but will build them a bike that can curl your toes.   I know, as he let me ride his personal bike and a twin motored behemoth too.

Pat has built a wide range of bikes that cover the spectrum of electric motored bikes.   If you can dream it up, he can build it.   He has some dreams of his own that have come true.   One piece he has built, is not a bike at all.   This is something I personally have envisioned.   It is a self-contained E-trailer.   With the simple addition of the axle-mounted hitch, any bike can be an E-bike with virtually no modifications.   Just hitch it up, sling one small harness over the bike for the throttle and display on the handlebars, and instant E-bike.   Great idea.   Maybe I can try it out on my next visit.

Eric paces the field during the warm-up laps at the velodrome on this one-of-a-kind E-bike.

And I am sure Pat would be glad to accommodate me.   He is so very friendly and informative.   He has a small stable of bikes on hand to allow potential customers to try before they buy.   He can guide you to the perfect combination with his vast knowledge and experience.   According to his website, you can also be on hand to watch your new bike come together.   Many would relish such an opportunity.

From Pat, you can purchase an entire ready-to-ride bike, an E-bike kit, or any repair parts and accessories.   He can custom make just about anything your heart desires.   He will do repairs on your existing bike too.   He offers local pick-up and delivery for a small fee.   It is no exaggeration to say he is a one man E-bike powerhouse.   If I had met him before we purchased our E-Zips, we might be riding completely different E-bikes today.   On our next round, I know he will be the one who helps me choose the best combo for comfort, speed, and range.   All at a reasonable price, too.

Some of the features he introduced me to are very interesting.   Did you know that you can have a cruise control on your E-bike?   Yes, and it operates so easily.   You get to the speed you like, push the button, and let off the throttle.   Like a car, it disengages with a simple pull on the brake lever or by re-pushing the button.   I tried one out and have to say it is on my list for a must-have option.   Also, on his fast bikes, there is a control that will limit the bike to the mellow speed of 20 mph, but unleash the power when you need it.   A good idea for a bike with a top-speed of close to 40.

He showed me the soft-start technology.   An important thing to have to protect you, your power system, and maintain a good range on available battery energy.   He installs custom designed wiring harnesses with a spark eliminating switch for initial battery wire connecting.   He has a vision and knowledge of what is needed and what works to keep your E-bike dependable and running strong.   His in-depth battery selection and experience is up-to-date and extensive.

He is not too into pedelecs and the such.   He prefers a simple control system that works well, is responsive, and dependable.   He likes to install thumb throttles, but will cater to your wants when it comes to matters of controls and control placements.   He also is big on his custom lighting systems for night-time use.   I was impressed with the quality and brightness on the set-up mounted on his personal bike.   I saw these on his website too.

Staying almost too busy with no real advertising or PR, you have got to know that the word of mouth for San Diego Electric Bikes is strong and all good.   He does some shows and builds customs to show off his work when the time is right.   Keep your eyes peeled for him when you are at these types of events.   His smile and enthusiasm for E-bikes is contagious.

The things he offers almost put the E-bike manufactures to shame.   Not to say there aren’t some great bikes out there, just that you can do much better with a custom set-up.   He is very adamant about safety, and being courteous to others when using his products.   I think that his company should be first on your list as you enter the electric-assist bike world.   I am in awe of his work and so glad to have met him.   You go Pat!

More on the way, as always, Turbo Bob.

“There is something uncanny in the noiseless rush of the cyclist, as he comes into view, passes by, and disappears.”—Popular Science, 1891.

You can find Pat and all his bikes and sevices at

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2 Responses to San Diego Electric Bike

  1. Van says:

    Pat is building me Marin Bobcat Trail electric mountain bike as I write this. It is going to have the BMS black lightning v3 rear hub motor and a Ping 48v 20ah battery (and so many other things) It wil be capable of 35+ mph and 40-60+miles on one charge “off road only bike” I have been wanting to build this bike for more than a year, and he was the first person with the resources, knowledge and flexibility to bring this creation to life! I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in an electric bike to give him a call.

  2. Great choice Van. It sounds like you have one great bike on the way. I am sure Pat can make it happen just the way you want.
    I agree that Pat is the one to build any custom, fast, or just plain nice E-bike.
    Let us know how great it is when it is all done.

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