e-Joe Bikes E-transformer—Test ride.

The e-Joe E-transformer has clean lines and a nice ride.

I just finished riding this cool little folding E-bike and I thought you would be interested to know how I liked it.   Marketed by e-Joe Bikes, it is available at many east coast dealers and online.   The company’s owner brought one by the house today.   We had a fun ride and talked E-bikes and other interesting bike subjects.   Willy knows a lot about his offerings and has great plans to expand his firm.   After the time we spent together, I see only good things ahead for him and e-Joe Bikes.   Willy is working hard to get these bikes in more shops across the country.

The E-transformer is an aluminum framed folding electric-assist bike.   It comes well equipped with fenders, rear rack, bell, and front and rear lights.   A seven-speed Shimano gear set is tied to the 250 watt brushless rear hub motor.   It uses a safe lithium-ion battery and has a dual-mode throttle system.   V-brakes with safety motor cut-off switches in each hand lever are standard equipment.

The 20 inch tires are Kenda made with Kevlar built-in to thwart off flats.   Even if a puncture does cause a problem, the design of this bike will allow for quick repairs on the road if needed.   In fact, the overall design is impressive.   It is obvious that a lot of thought went into the engineering on this electric bike.   Willy thrives to make his bike the best on the market and was welcome to my input on the E-transformer.

One thing I thought would be a great addition to this bike is a longer seat post.   At 6′ 2″, the bike’s saddle height was not tall enough for me to be as comfortable as I like.   He was quick to jump at my suggestion that two seat posts should come with each bike.   Although a longer post could be purchased at any local bike store, he assured me that all E-transformers will come with a longer seat post, or a short and long post in the very near future.   I like that kind of response from a company.

The design of the handle bars not only allows them to fold for transport, but has a height adjustment for taller rides.   They are both done with an easily set lock-down device.   At the upper setting, the handle bars were just fine for my tall rider needs.   The frame has a similar hinging mechanism that lets the bike fold to a fairly small size.   This makes for a compact package, perfect for storing in a closet, or motor homes and car trunks.

With lots of aluminum, the one thing I noticed that is steel is the front fork.   With a very secure ride, I liked the steering geometry the bike is supplied with.   Not too twitchy at low speeds, it also felt nice as I picked up the pace.   This very easy to ride bike is the result of some hard work by the designer.   With a comfy saddle and a smooth shifting gear train, I enjoyed riding this little folder.

The 250 watt rear hub motor offers hill conquering power.

During the ride, I wheeled over to the hill near my house.   It could have motored the bike right on up without any pedaling help from me.   I took it up more than a couple of times to get a feel for the power output.   Yes, the little rear-hub motor has got plenty of steam for such things.   Smooth and silent, the bike made short work of the hill.   This is one of the reasons someone would get an E-bike, and the E-transformer didn’t disappoint me.

Along these same lines, let’s discuss the throttle system.   It uses a dual-mode control.   That means it gives motor power automatically when you pedal, and you have the option of using the twist throttle for motive power without pedaling.    There is no power level control when in the pedelec mode, but Willy tells me the new generation of this bike will have such a feature.   I think this is a necessary thing, and would welcome it incorporated into this bike.

Willy listened closely as explained the power control systems in the E-bikes I have liked the most.   Some of these features are already planned for the next generation of this bike, but a few others will probably be included now.   His eyes widened as I described the reasons they are needed.   His response was genuine, as we talked about the changes I would like to see in this bike.   It is neat to know that I am helping to mold the world of electric-assist bikes.   With these few differences, I think this might be one of the best E-bikes ever.

Willy brought e-Joe Bikes into existence in 2009.   He has been working hard to perfect and market their products.   He is keeping the price at an affordable level.   He is keeping the quality at an impressive place.   They also offer a E-mountain bike.   His warranty and his desire to keep the customers satisfied is top-notch.   The few problems his customers have encountered have been dealt with promptly and professionally.   ‘Ejoe’ means ‘green’ in the Bahasa language, (Indonesia).   Willy is doing his best to bring health and sustainability to us here in these United States.

You can find e-Joe Bikes on the web or Facebook.   Little-by-little, they will be in stores near you.   Ask your local dealer to get their hands on some for you to test ride.   E-bikes are so great for many people.   Whether you want to commute without a work out, or have strength issues, or just like the idea of having a little help when you ride, an electric bike can make a big difference in your lifestyle.   Give one a try and see what you think.   Oh, by the way, they can save you a lot of money too.   So pocket some extra cash while you help to keep this world ‘green’.

Thanks Willy, and thank you for checking out my site, Turbo Bob.

“The commercials have made it so that we forget that a lot of mountain biking is grunting up climbs, and being rewarded with that maybe ten percent of the time when you’re breezing down the other side.”—Jacquie Phelan.

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