Linus Roadster Sport Review—Old Style, New Feel

The beauty of the Linus Roadster Sport is visible from stem to stern.

Ever since I saw this bike during some local rides, I have wanted to learn more about it.   My local dealer, Velo Cult, stocks it and other models in the Linus product line.   So they were the first place that came to mind for a close-up look and ride.   I was pleased when they offered me a chance to turn the pedals on one of their floor models.

As a fan of old bikes of this style, the lines just talk to me.   On looks alone, I was hooked.   As I took to the local streets, the bike won me over completely.   I don’t mind reworking an old bike and living with its idiosyncrasies, but I think most people would prefer a brand new bike.   Let’s dive a little deeper into what makes this bike so nice.

Starting with an Hi tensile steel frame, it also has a chromoly down tube.   Not the lightest frame, but these materials give it a firm ride with enough give to make things feel nice.   Add in a lot of alloy pieces, and you get a great ride with a light-weight.   The frame and the alloy are finished with attention to detail for a beautiful looking bike.   The bike I rode was white, an old favorite of mine.   There are other colors to choose from.

Outfitted with a Shimano 3-speed hub, it brings back the classic European feel.   The gear spacing and ratios were just right.   Operated with an easy to use twist-shifter, I really  felt the 50’s and 60’s bike groove.    If three gears aren’t enough for you, this same basic model is also available with the 8-speed hub.   You make the decision on what is right for you.

Fenders, rack, bell and a solid kickstand are the standard spec for the Linus Roadster Sport.   Add a set of lights, and you are ready to go.   It will make you want to outfit yourself with some threads from days past to round out the package.   A set of leather grips are a perfect touch from the factory.   The seat, although not leather, might as well be.   It looks great and feels so good.   This bike speaks to me in a way not many new bikes can.   I think that is one reason I am seeing so many on the local roads.

The other reason they are so popular, is the quality that is built-in through-out the bike.   The fit and finish is evident.   The ride and feel are so very smooth.   Even the pedals speak this language, no plastic there.   It has sealed wheel bearings and a modern cartridge bottom bracket.   Strong double-walled alloy rims and modern rubber also help to make it a bike that will stand the test of time.   It may have the style of old, but it drips of new-school quality technology.

Another feature I liked was the brakes.   I am not that familiar with this style of brakes.   They appear to be single pivot, but pivot from the side, and are listed as dual pivot brakes.   Regardless of this, they offered powerful stops, no flexing, and quiet operation.   A well designed part of the bike, in an important place.   The brake levers are nicely positioned and looked the part of what this bike puts forward.

As I rode it, every part of this bike matched me and my needs.   The way the handlebars and seat are positioned are on the money.   The frame geometry is just right for the kind of riding you would expect to do on a classic bike like this.   Comfort levels are high, and concerns of twitchiness are non-existent.   I wanted to keep going, but knew I would have to return the bike to Velo Cult before too long.   If I didn’t already have an old bike I liked, I would be very tempted to bring this one home.

All of this makes for the perfect fun bike.   Short hops around the neighborhood, or commuting for your work day are what this bike is designed for.   Safe and solid, it will get you there in style.   Looks aren’t everything, but why not have a bike that looks this good?   With this nicely built, super styling bike, you can’t go wrong.

I have mentioned Velo Cult before.   I hope to do a full story on this fantastic shop soon.   They are located in South Park here in San Diego.   They have a very unique selection of bikes and cater to a different crowd than almost every bike shop I have visited.   Their accessory line is very cool and they treat the customers in a way that is reminiscent of the neat old style of this bike.   They offer the full line of Linus bikes and it would be my recommendation to search them out if you don’t want a bike like everyone else.

In addition to a top-notch sales and service crew, they organize fun rides.   They have bike oriented movie nights and special events.  Service and repairs on old bikes can be had there.   They even started a local program that offers discounts to customers that arrive on bike.   Velo Cult is my kind of bike shop.   I need to thank them for letting me try out on of their Linus bikes.   Thank you, guys.

You can find them on the web and on Facebook.   You can see the full line of Linus bikes on their website.   I think you will be pleased and amazed at the selection they offer.   They’ve got the style, and quality bikes that many people can appreciate.   How about you?

Thanks for following along with my bike stories and tests.   I have some more great stuff planned, Turbo Bob.

“Cycling is like church—many attend, but few understand.”—Jim Burlant.

Linus Bikes

Now availible at Adams Avenue Bikes

Find Velo Cult on Facebook or on the web.

Note—-Velo Cult has recently moved to Portland, OR

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9 Responses to Linus Roadster Sport Review—Old Style, New Feel

  1. I’m riding the 8-speed version and I simply love it.
    Handles wonderfully, carries a load well, very stylish and a great price.


  2. Just got a single speed today and it rocks!

  3. That looks like a really sweet bike I’d love to own one or even just ride one for a day. I saw one just like this on the road earlier today and I was wondering what it was. Dang that little thing is sweet. I love it. And I love your blog here Bob! Thanks for doin this man.

  4. Vincent, I test rode this one in South Park, San Diego. The shop Velo Cult is great and stock most Linus models. I am sure they will let you try any one you like.
    We join into a lot of rides, movies, and parties with the crew there.

  5. Troy Terrence says:

    My Roadster sport has been just great for getting around the neighborhoods in Minneapolis. In my opinion, the only town bikes that compare are the ones made by Civia, but Linus wins pretty consistantly in the price catagory while maintaning comparable quality, at least for the roadster line.

    • Troy, they are some great bikes. I keep seeing more around our area and on our travels. I hope to ride some of the other Linus bikes and report on them here.
      Thanks for letting us know how much you enjoy your Linus Roadster, Turbo.

  6. Myra Hill says:

    I love Linus bikes. I have the Mixte 3, but I want to get the Roadster too.

  7. Ron says:

    I own a Roadster Sport and have ridden it several hundred miles as a commuter (8 miles each way) and for recreational rides. It handles well and in many areas surpasses the Raleigh Sport I owned in 1977.

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