The San Diego Bike Union Winter ‘Haul-in’ Picnic

With just a small amount of the riders in this shot, you can still get a feel for the fun on this day

This January we participated in a fun bike get-together.   This event gets more popular with time.   Although I made no head count, it seemed that at least forty cyclists enjoyed the ride and the picnic.   The theme is to show that everything needed for a good time can be transported by bike.

The ride started at Velo Cult.   It is a popular bike shop that offers unique bikes and interesting activities.   Little-by-little, the bikers arrived before the scheduled departure time.   There were several cargo bikes, partially loaded down with the picnic supplies and kids.   Also some cool vintage bikes, new bikes that appear to be vintage, and folding bikes.   One guy had a complete gas barbecue loaded in his side bags.   Food and drink were spread out among the various riders.   Games and toys were stashed in the bags of other riders.

With a lot of friendly greetings and laughing, the fun started before the wheels hit the pavement.   Even though this was a January day, the weather allowed me and many to don our short pants and t-shirts.   This group is known for casually paced rides and fun geared around the people, not strenuous 100 mile rides.   The bells rang and the wheels turned as we made our way to the picnic site.

Our destination was Morley Field.   This is a large park area that is part of the Balboa Park complex.   The fun group ride wound through nice neighborhoods and relaxed business districts.   The kids were smiling and the riders did the same.   We all knew that a relaxed afternoon was just starting.   The many styles of bikes moved in harmony.   After a while we arrived to find a green and inviting carousel like picnic ground waiting for us.   A group photo was taken, and the food supplies and cooking articles started coming out of the bike bags.

As some set-up the gas grill and fired up briquettes in the park grills, others started to play frisbee.   A few of the dogs that came on the ride were chasing their tennis balls around the site.   New friends and old, related stories of bikes and life.   Smiles were everywhere as the smells of the grills started to waft through the air.   A couple of taped bike rims, along with sticks were being used for a fun round of games.   Action was everywhere.

Other people in the park where enjoying their own kind of fun.   One group was doing a medieval jousting match and sword fights with foam weapons.   They were dressed for the part, and seemed to be having fun.   The nearby Frisbee golf course had a busy day.   We could see the competition from our picnic area.   Many joggers and other cyclists meandered by as the hours went by.   The cameras snapped many great shots as the group’s fun continued.

Or spot was near baseball, basketball, and soccer fields.   There is a large public pool there too.   The San Diego Velodrome was a short ride away.   Four of us rode over to watch the racers.   Things were just winding down when we arrived, so we took to the race track to get a feel of that heavily banked track.   That was a cool thrill, even if our speeds were snail-like compared to the real racers.   And with a laugh, the race organizer, gave me some minor grief for not wearing a helmet.   But he invited us to come back anytime (with helmet, of course).   They hold weekly races there, and occasionally host national collegiate races.

The food was varied and tasty.   Everyone was eager to share and try the different food items that were brought.   The games and food lasted into the late afternoon.   This event is held a couple of times a year and there is always room for more to join in.   If you are visiting San Diego, or live here, look into being a part of the fun.   The San Diego Bike Union sponsors many rides.   Velo Cult also has a wide selection of rides the hold during the year.   Our group, the San Diego Urban Bike and Social Club, has weekly and monthly rides that will hold the interest of any sport or casual biker.   You can find them all with a quick Google search.   See you there?

Last year’s Tweed Ride will be on my blog site soon.   Don’t miss this year’s.   Ring-ring.   We will be there, how about you?   Thanks, Turbo Bob.

“There is nothing, absolutely nothing, quite so worthwhile as simply messing about on bicycles.”—Tom Kunich.

You can find Velo Cult on Facebook or

Note—-Velo Cult has recently moved to Portland, OR

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