EZ Pedaler T300 E-bike Review

The T300 is a good looking E-bike

E-bikes continue to gain popularity with people far and wide.   If you have ever ridden one, you would know why.   Their ease of attacking the hills and wind, make them very desirable.   They take the work out of a strenuous commute.   They help the less physically strong enjoy the thrills of a bike journey.   They add to the enjoyment of an everyday bike ride.   My wife and I are E-bike owners, and proponents of their value in today’s society.

On a recent visit to Ivan Stewart’s Electric Bike Center, I was able to spend over an hour with one of the E-bikes they offer.   In addition to sales and service, they rent E-bikes to allow their customers to tour the local area, and to get a feel for this relativity new product.    With a Little Italy location, many San Diego hot spots are within riding range for anyone on a E-bike.   On this day, Gary let me take a EZ Pedaler T300 for a nice, long ride.

This is a bike that has been designed for bicycle touring companies.   To give solid performance, it is made to the highest standards, with best in the industry parts.   That makes it the perfect E-bike for the individual owner.   It virtually guarantees trouble-free performance.   Starting with an alumium step-through frame, it is chocked full of the pieces that make up a quality E-bike.   Let’s check out what this bike has to offer.

A 250 watt brushless front mounted hub motor supplies the motion.   The 36 volt Li-ion battery supplies the juice.   The electronics give you the choice of using the thumb throttle to control the assist, or automatic assist, sensed by your pedaling, or a combination of both.   The power application is smooth with the use of the thumb throttle, and ever so slightly abrupt as the automatic boost kicks in.   Not so severe to cause concern, but noticeable.   For a low-wattage motor, there is plenty of power to help you up all but the steepest hills.

The battery is a light-weight Li-ion type, with a large power reserve.   It will give you a range or 25-40 miles depending on the conditions.   The included smart charger works on 120 or 240 volts from a standard wall socket.   The battery can be charged while on the bike, or unlocked and removed to charge at a more convenient place if needed.   It powers the included LED headlamp, while the rear tail light uses AA batteries to supply it’s juice.

The bike has an overall low weight of 54 lbs.   This is accomplished with the use of alumium on the front suspension forks, handlebars, rims, cranks, two-legged kick stand, seat post, and the factory installed rear rack.   The fenders are  polycarbonate, strong and adding just ounces to the heft.   The Shimano 3-speed hub has a sufficient range of gears to motivate this light-weight, especially with the help of the motor.

Testing the brakes was more than pleasant.   The mechanical disc brake in front works well, with good control.   The rear mounted roller brake did it’s job, and is a common piece on E-bikes nowadays.   The motor will propel this bike up to 20 mph, with the possibility of higher speeds on a downhill run, so strong brakes add to your confidence during a ride.

The comfort level is aided with a wide, plush seat.   The upright riding position feels good.   This bike is available in three styles.   The step-through frame I tested, a triangular, high bar model, and a folding frame.   Each is outfitted the same, but designed for a choice to the customer’s preferences.   Four color options should allow you to pick one you like.   They are white, blue, silver, and black.

Riding proved to be fun and smooth.   This is a mid-level machine, but performs like some of the more expensive E-bikes I have tried.   The 3-speed hub shifted nicely, even if the twist grip seemed to turn in an opposite direction compared to what I am used to.   It took no time at all to grow accustomed to that.   The power application is always a pleasant surprise, and this bike was no different.   I liked the built-in lighting system, and the oversized chain guard.   Having a rear rack is a bonus.

Riding through downtown was no problem.   The T300 is nicely maneuverable, allowing me to work through traffic easily.   The hub motor has plenty of power to push up some of the grades I encountered in the Little Italy area.   The puncture resistant tires have reflective side walls, and the bike comes with the standard reflective package.   That, and the factory lighting system will make nighttime riding safe.

This is a well designed package.   I dont’ see how anybody could go wrong having a T300 as their first choice of an E-bike.   There are many brands and styles on the market now.   One nice thing about Ivan’s E-bike shop, is their large selection.   It will give you a chance to try out the many bikes to find the one that meets your needs and price range.   Gary will knowledgeably help you work through the details to find the E-bike of your dreams.   And who wouldn’t dream of owning a great new E-bike?

More E-bikes tests on the way.   See you then, Turbo Bob.

“The bicycle is the steed that never tires, and is mettlesome in the fullest sense of the word.   It is full of tricks and capers, and to hold his head steady and make him prance to suit you is no small accomplishment.”—Frances E.Willard, How I learned to Ride the Bicycle.

You can find Ivan and Gary at 2021 India St here in SD.

or at          http://www.iselectricbikecenter.com

Tell them Turbo Bob sent you.


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