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          It was a comfortable November evening in San Diego when I was introduced to Momentum Magazine.   We got a last-minute invitation to join in on a ride to celebrate an article in the magazine written by a local rider.   Some of the group met at Balboa Park and rode to the meet-up, but Barbara and I were short on time, so we drove to the bike shop where the ride would begin.

Twenty, maybe twenty-five riders and bikes assembled at Velo Cult.   We didn’t know much about the ride’s purpose, but had heard some details.   Momentum’s publishers had come to town, and the ride was organized for us to meet them.   They also made stops in other southern destinations, but tonight was all about a ride through some San Diego suburbs and meeting these two fun gals.   Mia and Tania were all smiles as the group came together.

During our long, mellow paced ride, we got many chances to talk to Mia and Tania.   We learned of the magazine and some of its parameters.   It was interesting to hear some of their stories and it left us wanting more.   They are two cool people from Canada.   We got the impression that the entire staff are also fun people.   During the wind-down conversations, Mia was glad to offer us our first issue.   Well, let me tell you a little about their publication.   I think you will like it.

I hope Trevor Fletcher of Calgary, AB doesn’t mind if I quote him from the letters section.   He said, “I just picked up your magazine for the first time at Mountain Equipment Co-op here in Calgary, Alberta.   This is one sweet mag.   You have real people and real bikes that real people can afford to buy.   I love the Canadian content.   Your ads are great!   Well done!!!”   He finished up with, “Keep up the great work; I’m looking forward to the next edition in my mailbox.”

He summed it up very nicely and I fully agree with him.   This is different kind of bike magazine.   I get monthlies from some of the long time publications on occasion.   They are ok, but the top-end pieces, and all the training and eating articles are not in my normal interest range.   Momentum bypasses a lot of that with fun articles about everyday biking and bike commuting.   And the ads are great.

In this issue, the Nov/Dec 2010 edition, the lead article was written by San Diego bike commuter, Samantha Ollinger.   It documents the local efforts to open more bike lanes and paths.   Also, there is info on the grass-roots effort to get more people on their bikes.   The desire for the auto community to accept the bikers is addressed in the write-up.   She did a wonderful job of laying out her thoughts and the addendum has a list of hot spots for biking locations and interests in San Diego.   Many photos of our bike culture and people are included.

The theme of this edition is, ‘The Photo Issue’.   Many colorful and eye-opening shots of people taken by themselves while riding are highlighted.   These were submitted by readers from all over.   Some of the photos make a statement about our times, and some are just plain fun.   A whole issue of these photos would be hard to put down.   I might just have to submit some of my own.

Other parts of the magazine cover new products.   Ones that are useful and cool.   Lighting systems and rainy weather gear are included.   An article on recumbents, caught my eye.   An insightful editorial on women’s cycling by Sarah Ripplinger reminds me of my favorite book.   That is, ‘How I Learned to Ride the Bicycle-Reflections of an influential 19th century woman’–by Francis E. Willard.   This is a ‘must read’.   Men, women, biker, or anyone who lives or breathes, should get a copy.

I hope you get a copy of this terrific magazine.   I need to quit procrastinating, and get my subscription check in the mail.   And then, like Trevor, I’ll be looking forward to getting the next edition in the mail.

Keep biking, Turbo Bob.

“The girl in bloomers is, of course, upon her native heath when she steers her steel steed into the boulevard”.—Stephen Crane, Transformed Boulevard.


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