NiteRider MiNewt Mini Headlight Review

The NiteRider MiNewt Mini light system

There are many headlights to choose from in the bike world.   They range from the low-powered flashlight type, to a multi-bulb LED unit with a remotely mounted rechargeable battery.   You can strap a Maglite to your handlebars with a rubber band.   You can even ride with no light at all.

I have found that day or night, a flashing light front and rear is very important for our safety.   The low powered flashing LED lights we use are not bright enough for lighting up the road at night.   They run for many hours on a pair of AA or AAA batteries.   As great as they are, they need some serious help when the sun goes down.

With some careful and thorough shopping, I found these light systems that work very well.   Manufactured here in San Diego, they have some great features.   The NiteRider MiNewt Mini casts a bright light beam, is rechargeable, is lightweight, and is easily removable for security.   My wife made some small, velcro closable bags to protect them while they are in our bike bags.

The light unit is small and securely built.   It comes with three different sized rubber o-rings with tabs that make it easy to attach to the handlebars.   That allows it to fit all sizes of bars.   The wire harness has a quality plug for the battery connection.   A two-year warranty on the light shows the faith NiteRider has in its construction.

Mounted on my BionX equipped mountain bike, this NiteRider package lights the way fine.

The battery module has a lithium battery.   The sealed on-off switch has a solid feel.   A four and a half hour charge nets three hours of power to the headlamp.   It charges from a wall plug transformer or from a USB outlet of a computer.   The USB cable and charger are included.   A velcro strap holds the battery to the handlebar stem.   NiteRider also offers a kit that will attach both units to your helmet, if that is your preference.

Rated at 110 lumens, it is bright enough for my riding style.   If you ride faster than me, you might need something with more power.   I am not that into lumen output, but I can say that this light does a good job of showing me the way while night riding.   The beam is fairly wide, but well focused.   NiteRider offers a full range of light systems to fit all riders needs.

I recommend when you consider buying this or any other lighting system, do some price shopping.   A mail order firm offered these a low price.   I convinced one of my local bike shops to match their deal.   A pair of light systems were our’s at very discounted price.

The bottom line is, two years of good performance at a low price has made us very happy when riding at night.   And, riding at night is fun, Turbo Bob.

“Cycling is the sport of usefulness.”—Fred DeLong.

You can find NiteRider on the net or Facebook.

Or, of course, at your local bike shop.


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  1. Thanks Bob! Good info! 🙂 I love your reviews

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