Brompton Folding Bike Review

Turbo Bob and the Brompton tour the San Diego coastline

Today’s blog is about the series of articles I am posting for NYCeWheels as a guest blogger.   Bert and Peter are great guys and run a fantastic shop in New York.   Bert has allowed me to test one of his Brompton folding bikes in exchange for a review of my thoughts and comments about it.   It will be a multi-part series and you can link to it at this address

Now, all twelve articles are posted.   You can link to all of them from the above URL.

Part 1

Part 2  Prompt’on’ Brompton

Part 3  First Impressions

Part 4  Wanna Ride?

Part 5  Tourist Time

Part 6  The Night Time is the Right Time

Part 7  Safety, Brompton Style

Part 8  The Axe Must Fall

Part 9  A Brompton of a Different Color

Part 10  Wrap Up

Part 11  What a Bike

Part 12  Thanks for the Memories

There are some other folding bike orientated articles I have written for them there too.

Part 1 is a story about my interest in a folding bike, how this test came to be, and some information on the different Bromptons available.   The other stores document my time and findings on this great little folding bike.   Please take the time to link over to the Folding Bikes / Compact Bikes site.   You will also find some great stories from the gang over at NYCeWheels and others.

I will do a full story on this great little folder right here in the near future.

In the mean time, count on some new stuff from me here.

Thanks, Turbo Bob.

“Few articles ever used by man (or woman) have created so great a revolution in social conditions as the bicycle.”—Fred C. Kelly

Need a Brompton?   Tell them you saw it here, and contact


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6 Responses to Brompton Folding Bike Review

  1. Chuck Lawrence says:

    The last time I saw a decent folding bike in person was at a bike trade show years ago. It as called something like “Bike Friday” and Olympic Cycling Champion Alexi Grewel was a rep for them. I had the chance to ride it was a smooth and strong ride, I couldn’t imagine a bumpy ride as the wheels were about 12 inches in diameter. That would shake anybody’s kidneys.
    Thank God for UPS so you can ship your main ride wherever you go.

  2. markphilips says:

    Nice blog you have here. I have had a Brompton M6L since 2008. Since I’m on the road a lot, my trusty Brompton is always ready for the next adventure just around the corner from wherever I maybe….Just curious how much would the M3L and its accessories cost if you decide to buy it from NYCEWheels? Check out the link to the folding bike thread to where I regularly contribute and share ideas. See you on the road.

  3. markphilips says:

    So Bob, do you know how much the Brompton package would cost if you decide to buy it?

    • Hey Mark, head over to the NYCeWheels site and you can get all the info.
      There are some different options that vary the total.
      You can find the site at the bottom of the blog article.
      Thanks for checking my blog, more great stuff coming up, Bob.

  4. I have read several excellent things here. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how you put so much effort forth to create this type of magnificent informative web site.

    • Hey guys and gals at the Folding Bike Review, thank you for looking my site over and making a thumbs-up type of comment. I do my best to put together some interesting and informative articles on my site. I often wish I could go on and on about some of the subjects, but I try to limit each post to about 1000-1200 words. Bikes are just so much fun, and so needed in this modern world, that is is hard to not get excited about them.
      I will head to your site to check out some of the folding bike info you put up.
      Thanks again, Turbo.
      Get your Brompton on!

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