Sanyo Eneloop—Test Ride

In my ill-fitting loaner helmet, here I am testing the new Sanyo Eneloop

In our quest to try as many E-bikes as possible, we can now add the Sanyo Eneloop to our list.   And to say it is the best one we have ridden to date, would not be a falsehood.   We were both impressed with the ease of use, the weight, and the fit and finish of this terrific bike.   If you have not already tried it for yourself, what are you waiting for?

One of the secrets of this bike is the sophistication in its electronics.   It is so easy to understand its few controls.   An on-off switch and a three level mode control are all you need to master.   With a charged battery, you simply turn it on and start riding.   And one sweet ride it is.   With its sleek styling and light weight, it is like a dream to pilot this bike.

The mode control allows you to tailor the power output of the motor to level, hills, or load carrying.   It gives extra power when you need it, which allows the battery to give the optimum range for conditions.   Part of its smooth power is from a magnetic sensor in the bottom bracket.   It senses your power input at the pedals to tailor the motor output.   And with the regeneration function, it will add power back to the battery on downhill coasting.   That is where the “loop” part comes in.

This bike comes with a lightweight lithium battery and smart charger.   This is the best type of battery available in the E-bike market.   It slides easily into its bracket below the seat.   That way, it won’t take up rack space, or hang out from the side of the bike.   Very good engineering here, and throughout the entire bike.

And speaking of the rack, it comes with one standard.   And it also comes with fenders, and front and rear lights.   A kick stand and chain guard are part of the package.   And I do believe, Kevlar, flat-resistant tires are included on the bike.   Add to this a comfy seat and bar grips.   Fully outfitted and ready to ride, this bike seems to have it all.

One feature they promote on the bike is the two-wheel drive system.   This gives a balanced ride.   It had a three speed rear hub, and the 250 watt hub motor in the front.   With the auto sensed motor power, riding is easy.   It seems they have put a lot of thought and testing into this bike.   And that shows in the finished product.   The looks and performance are exceptional.

They claim a battery range of between 13-46 miles.   This all depends on the mode you set and the type of terrain you ride.   In Auto mode, you can expect to make 32-40 miles of non-stop riding.   We witnessed many people testing these bikes at the energy fair, and never saw them exchange the batteries in any of the bikes.   With the efficiency and weight of the bike, I am not surprised.

They offer a model with an aluminum frame and one in steel.   The aluminum model clicks the scale at 50 LBS.   Of course, the steel bike is a bit heavier and a little less expensive.   We were told that the two bike don’t share the same wheel size, but that it will be standardized soon.   For the small extra price, I don’t know why anybody would want the steel framed one.

If there was one thing about the bike that I didn’t like, it would be in the very minor surge in power as the pedals rotate in a certain position.   Because it senses pressure from your feet, there is a spot in the rotation were your feet are not pushing as hard.   At that point, the motor power backs off a small amount.   This is barely noticeable.

They were offering a special sale price at the fair.   We thought long and hard about getting a couple.   It was so tempting.   Our E-Zipps are still giving good service, so that was the deciding factor.   I do have to admit that I am disappointed we didn’t take them up on their offer.   I still wonder if we did the right thing, by passing up buying these.

The bike has other features and they can be seen online.   This bike is available at many bike shops, where you can give it a ride like we did.   I think you will be as impressed as we are.   With so many E-bikes on the market, it could be hard to decide which one is best for you.   I don’t see that you could go wrong with this choice.

Give it a try.   Thanks for reading,   Turbo Bob.

“The bicycle is a vehicle for revolution.”—Daniel Behrman, The Man Who Loved Bicycles.

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