E-Bicycles—Vintage Bicycles—Bicycle Riding

This is me, just a bike loving kid at heart.

Hello, in this blog I will explore the world of bicycles of all types.   I will also share local and distant rides and places.   E-bikes, E-bike conversions, vintage bikes, maintenance, riding, and places to ride are to be upcoming topics.

As a resident of San Diego, and an owner of several bikes, I will try to cover many different themes that might interest you.   I will attempt to post a new article each week or bi-weekly and to keep the stories lively.   Photos will be added to highlight the text.   This will help you follow more closely to what I am putting across in words.   Feel free to comment and to suggest directions I should take to make this blog your site as well as mine.

Let me offer some insight to my bike interests.   I do not wear lycra riding clothes.   I do not ride very fast.   I do not ride 100 miles at time.   I don’t ride steep mountain trails.—-I do enjoy my biking.   I do ride vintage Schwinns.   I do keep my bikes clean and dry.   I do ride a E-bike.   I do promote bike riding.

If you are a recreational rider, or use your bike to commute, then this blog will be a place to learn many things that could help you tailor your knowledge and skills.   If you want to avoid repair costs and do your own adjustments, I will help you as much as possible.   If you are considering a E-bike in your future, or already own one, I can help you there too.   I hope to cover some accessories that I like.   I hope to help you make your riding safer and more enjoyable.   Finding fun places to ride will be on the list too.

My first series of articles will be on the similarities and differences of my two vintage 5-speed Schwinns.   It will also evaluate them for the possibility of an update to an electric conversion.   And if it is warranted, I will cover installing a E-bike kit and report on all the aspects of the install and performance.   Stay tuned.

Thanks, Turbo Bob.

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